Saturday, August 28, 2010

17th day of Ramadan

The night of glory and the night of power!
It is the night in which the most myriad and magnificent love of Allah is given to those who are lucky – the believers who get lailatul Qadar. Lailatul Qadar is super special night as Quran was first descended. It happens in Ramadan. Those who get it will get reward more than worshiping Allah for 1000 months (around 83 years). Hm...appealing, right? For sure it is.

Al Quran was gradually revealed to our prophet long time ago. It was taught to our prophet by Allah through Gabriel. The content of Al Quran never changes though it has been 14 centuries now. The speech person of the last taraweeh kultum told us that Quran consists of :
Aqidah. It is the teaching that says Allah is the only one God. There is no god but Allah.
Ibadah. Quran tells us to worship Allah, respect people, universe, nature and follow our prophet.
Promise and threat of Allah. Allah will never lie and He will for sure fulfill His promise.
The ways we must take to gain true happiness both in this world and hereafter.
The ways for us to get away from the misleading path.
The stories from the past so that we can take lesson.

Those are some of the contents of the Quran. The preacher told us that those who know the meaning, share, and implement the Quran, they will indeed be protected by Allah. Hope we'll be able to love Quran more. Let's make this Ramadan as a reflection and starting point to learn and implement the Quran, insha Allah.

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