Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cileunca Drought

Cileunca lake is located in Pangalengan. It is about 50 km from Bandung. You go south to get here. This lake is functioned as power plant. Aside, this is also a good site for you for recreation. Whitewater rafting is also provided at one of its rivers. People also get benefit for watering their farms. 

Due to the long dry season, the volume of water decreases quite substantially. I have just realized that the lake is shallow. Still, this rare phenomena gives benefit to to people to play, catch fish and so forth. Here are some snapshots of Cilenuca lake I took few days ago.




Waterwheel has shortage of water to generate electricity.

 13102011(002)  13102011

People are fishing and catching fish.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Free time


Every student has definitely a feeling when he or she has free time at class, meaning no lecturer and it’s free to do anything. That is what I am having now. Well, what are the things you do the most when your waited lecturer finally cannot come to the class? He or she might have sickness or have other things to do outside. This kind of thing pretty much happens at some universities in this nation. Due to the sense of toleration here is high, so the absence of teacher or lecture seems to be a blessing for most students. But for some, this is not really pleasing. I am one one them :)


Go back to the first question, what do you probably? Here are some choices that I have on my mind:

1. Browsing. Yes this is best if you have a laptop with you and it is connected to the free wi-fi internet in your room. Browsing means a lot ; facebooking, twitting, or just searching for valuable information.

2. Going home. This can be done if you do not have more class ahead. Hm… for me the is the last choice since I’d better do others instead of going home right away.

3. Reading. Books are likely the best for you to read, nonetheless other medias such as magazine, newspaper or website are also recommended.

4. Blogging. I make a difference between browsing and blogging. Blogging can be done offline by utilizing some freeware. I am fond of using Windows Life Writer to blog, though finally I need an internet connection to publish my writing. What I am doing now is blogging to fill the spare time because the lecturer of mine is unable to get in to the class. May my lecture is just be fine and may her business is eased by Allah.

Brothers and sisters, you might have other things to do to fill the spare time in class, please write that down. Thanks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The more things you have, the bigger responsibility you’ve got. Yes it is the idea that I realized few months ago about the goods or things belong to us. We of course have lots of things in our house, lodging, apartment or anything. I myself can barely count the exact number of things in my 2-3 meter lodging room. It is even harder to memorize how did I get those stuff. Everything seems just turn up to be there.

If you happen to have luxurious mansion or expensive car, have you ever imagined that sometime those things will just disappear? They can be stolen, broken, or you yourself sell them for some financial reasons. The key point is that you only belong them for certain time and it is quite short.

There is no prohibition to poses those thing though. In fact, we Muslims are encouraged to have them so long the ultimate goal is to make ourselves closer to the sole creator – God.

The idea of my writing here is simple, I started to give up some things I’ve got in my room because I realize that, the more thing I have, the more responsibility I have. As an example, I got 3 jackets and I pretty much took care of them by washing, ironing and placing them in my cupboard. But then I realized that those activities could somehow burden me. A question appeared, did I really need them? Well the answer just no. So, I decided to give some to those who needed more.

This is just an example anyway. Hence, one thing we need to really concern is that, whenever we have a new thing, we give the old one. One more example, when your mother gives you a nice pair of shoes, you give the old ones to someone. Try it, it’s really a peace of mind thing since you need not to seize more attention to take care of and do such and such… you can focus on doing other beneficial things instead.
Giving is tranquilizing, most of the time.