Thursday, September 2, 2010

18th day of Ramadan

I missed the jamaah tarweeh as I got an iftar in Griya mall at Pahlawan street with my pals from Management department. I was eager to come and join since it had been quite long no see them. But thanks to a friend of mine for texting me the summary of a Darlis Fajar speech at DT mosque. Here it is.

The surety of our fasting is not our health, but it is the faith of ours. Those who feel strong doesn't guarantee they will be able to fast if they have not faith or iman.
Making a betterment in each time we have in Ramadan is good. As an example we need to keep our health and faith. Since the seconds are worth it, we can never play with time in Ramadan. It is barely possible to be better persons in this Ramadan if we don't seriously focus on improving every aspect of ourselves.
The good deeds are the ones done sincerely for the sake of Allah, no other reasons. When we do everything because of Allah, we will not be getting lost, poor or contemptible.
Thank you.

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