Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dealing with other Muslims

This piece of writing is mere my opinion that might be shaped by everything I read, I listened and I learned so far. I am one of 1,3 billions Muslims on earth and I am very grateful of my faith – Islam. I found the truth in my heart that this religion suits me in every aspect. Aside, I could find something big and miraculous in this religion, that is the goal in life – paradise. Everyone wants it, no doubt! As Islam is a perfect guidance, I am also guided on how to deal with everything in this life, including with other Muslims. I am not going to explain on how to deal with non-Muslims here anyway.

All I know, all Muslims are brother and sisters. We are bound by a tie that is remarkably strong that is Islam. In Islam I am taught that I have to love other Muslims as I love my self. This is very hard though because in nature, we human will for sure prioritize ourselves among others. But Islam through the prophet Muhammad has given example that we had to love other Muslims as we love ourselves. As am example, we cannot insult any Muslim because we ourselves have never been eager to be insulted. So, what should we do to our Muslim brothers and sisters if they make mistake? Yes, indeed we have to remind them but in a very good and subtle way. The prophet grand sons exemplified it for us. In the past they saw another Muslim man was having ablution (wudlu). In his wudlu he acted something wrong, meaning was not exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad. Something that Prophet Grand sons' did was to pretend to compete on how to do right ablution in front of that man. It is very brilliant thing that I learn in Islam that we have to indeed remind to each other in a very wise way. Seeing lots of conflicts, riots and insults among Muslims now is really shameful. We are driven by our emotion (shahwat) that we are correct and others are wrong. As a result we are at ease at blaming other Muslims if we something different with them.

From now on, let's ponder deeply before judging any Muslims because essentially we are brothers and sisters. The way that we have to pass to remind any Muslims doing error is by a good way. Another thing is that by giving good example in our attitude in order that they know the truth. Respecting other Muslims is a must, praying for other Muslims is also noble action that people in the past used to do. We? We most of the time only pray and cry for ourselves. Have we ever cried and prayed for other Muslim brothers and sisters? Let's start doing it now, brothers and sisters. Wallahualambishowab...