Monday, August 16, 2010

5th day of Ramadan

Last night was the first time for me to perform Taraweeh prayer at DT mosque. As always, every Sunday afternoon I come to MEC. On day I decided to just stay at the pesantren area for doing isha as well as taraweeh prayer. For taraweeh in Ramadan, most of the mosque here in Bandung has 2 x 4 + 3 formation, including DT mosque. But there in my hometown, people have got 4 x 2 + 3. It's just a comparison anyway. Well, the person in charge to give us a kultum speech that day was an ustadz, an al azhar graduate. But again, I forgot his name. It's been my personal flaw to remember people's name. But I am quite often hearing his voice so he was not strange and ineed I very much enjoyed the evening sermon. He brought us to the topic of Ethic of fasting in Ramadan.

There 6 things we need to put in list when doing Ramadan fasting. The first is, do eat predawn meal at the later time. I mean if we wake up at 3 am and imsak time is around 4.30 am, so we are totally recommended to have sahur at around 4 am. Beforehand we can do some prayers or read Quran since the predawn time is the favorable time for us to pray. Allah loves more those people who perform some worships at that time. Tons of blesses will be given to those who supplicate or pray in the dawn time.

The second is, do break our fasting as soon as we can when its time arrives. When adzan resounds, we should start breaking our fast by either eating or drinking something. He said that it might seem good to keep fasting, but when the time of fast breaking arrives, we must break the fast, that what our prophet did. It doesn't necessarily to drink nice or delicious beverage, a glass of plain water is also good.

The third is we have to keep ourselves from doing unnecessary things. They include watching TV, playing game, chatting, walking around for no good reasons etc. There are indeed many better things we can do instead of doing those things. We do sometimes need refreshing, but it Ramadan. It's too pity to leave reading Quran or reading books.

The fourth, add the intensity of tooth-brushing. It is true that in the viewpoint of Allah, people who fast in Ramadan have fresh and extremely fragrant breath. But in human', it doesn't count so that we'd better brush our teeth as often as we can. Not that often though, maybe 3 or 4 times a day is good enough to have a fresher mouth.

The penultimate, read Al Quran as often as we can. Hearing this, I am abashed as I haven't been able to fulfill my target – read 2 juz a day. I juz a day is actually hard too. But keep on trying.

The ultimate, get exercise ourselves as Ramadan is the month of exercise. It barely happens for many people to wake up at 3 or 4 am unless in Ramadan. In Ramadan some people tend to make some improvements in themselves so that in other months this habit is actually supposed to be prevailed too. We learn to pray in jamaah, read Quran, gather for eating and so forth. Aren't they good for us to do the following moths after Ramadan?

Hm...that's all the summary for today, keep on writing, keep on doing good things in this magnificent month, insha Allah.
Thank you

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