Thursday, August 26, 2010

15th day of Ramadan

Half way there...
Daarut Tauhiid. I've been there for five years now. Time flew so fast. Well, it might not be the best part of the world for you. It might not be the super-awesome place for you to go to either. But to me, it indeed has profound effect for my life. One phrase representing this place – self improver. I feel a lot better of being familiar with this spot. At least this is what I feel inside, and I don't at all care with what people say about it. I just simply follow something that I'm sure it is true and peaceful for me. Well, I went there just now, performing taraweeh prayer. Beforehand I had kultum session and that time the sermon giver was Pak Saiful Islam Mubarak, Lc. He told us about Al Quran as it was revealed in this holy month. So it is good to kind of commemorating the revelation of our holy book at the very right time.

The speech delivered by Pak Saiful was quite dissimilar to the usual speech told by other preachers. He asked us to follow his way in reciting some verses of the noble Quran. He actually talked about the 7 styles of reading Quran which were taught by our prophet to his companions long time ago. It was Allah who taught our prophet to ease all Arab tribes and all human to pick the easiest style to recite. At the early times Gabriel appeared to our prophet bringing the style of reciting holy Quran was actually been negotiated by our prophet in terms of reading or pronouncing verses. Our prophet bargained and he finally was given looseness by Allah as He for sure wouldn't burden us. It is hard for us to master all those seven styles as we've been so much familiar with the commonest one we know nowadays.

Before reaching the level in which we are able to pronounce all those styles, first we've gotta master the basic. Here are the steps:

1.We have to correct our common mistake in reciting it. Example, instead of saying long “la” in “bis- mil-la-h”.. we have indeed say it short as it is one harakat (kind of tempo).
2.We then must be able to perfectly sound the right sound of each letter in our Arabic alphabet. It might be hard, but we need to learn.
3.We then must lern the tadzwid or the rule in reading sentence or verses in Al Quran.
4.Then we need to know the history of revelation of the Quran. By knowing this will be much eager to learn Quran as well us to understand it.
5.Qiraat is the next point then. It is the style that is used by people in singing the holy Quran.
6.Tafsir is the last. It is kind of interpretation of the meaning of the Quran.

By knowing and implementing all those things, we then can fully grasp the Quran as our guidance in life. It is indeed the so-called a holy book that regulates and makes us close to our creator. Reading Quran 1 juz a day in Ramadan is kind of a must. Hope we'll be able to be istiqomah...amiin.

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