Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rain again...

Rain pretty much falls these days. Even within a city in Indonesia, the rain falls variably and can not be predicted exactly when it'll shower the people. Many of us might think that rain is not pleasurable as it hampers us from going to somewhere.

It is true that we (I) sometimes “Ah...rain..!” whenever rain showers and we are working on something important to someplace. By saying so, we actually are not grateful to the creator of rain itself. Rain is indeed a blessing from God as by this the plantations can grow and the world becomes fertile. We pretty much ask for rain to drop when the long summer or dry season comes. But in the rainy season also want to have the regular rain. As if we can precisely control its falling, we express our claim when rains comes or doesn't.

Well, I think the best thing we can do is to be grateful whenever rain or drought perch on the land of Allah. Just say “ok and thank You Allah for the rain” will probably make us feel ease in walking or driving on the rain. Rain has always been beautiful as the sound entertains us in harmony. We are not able to produce such rhyme, aren't we? So, no points on dwelling on falling rain, whenever and wherever. Insha Allah...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

On the Street

To me, it's not an easy thing dealing with driving motorbike or car in the big city such as Bandung, moreover in the metropolitan city such as Jakarta. I can drive both vehicles but I just don't have license to drive the latter. Besides, it's been so long hibernating from driving car. Or maybe I have forgotten to drive it? I hope not. Well, I just have now a chance to use the motorbike and I pretty much deal with it quite intensely in a daily basis. Thing that matters me when driving on the road is that the speed and traffic jam.

It's been my wild thought that all of the motorbike drivers here are the racers. Not like Rossy or Stoner though. We just love racing. I am just influenced by them (sometimes). It's really natural to have a high pace in driving as we basically feel hate to be beaten by anybody, anywhere and anytime. It comprises when driving on the road, too. Besides, it's far more fun to step on the gas when driving motorbike. Well, driving safely is the most prioritized one anyway. We've got to remember it.

The high speed in driving motorbike is not just dangerous for those who do that. But it endangers all of the street users – the walkers, other bikers, car drivers, police and all. We sometimes forget them as we tend to focus on the aim of place we want to reach by. It's not a bad thing anyway. The problem is, we seem to lose the consciousness that we are putting ourselves in jeopardy when driving too fast. Besides, we are at ease when people ignite us to to drive faster like they do. Ah... I hope I'll be able to always control myself.

There is no exact procedure to drive safely that I know. Thing I do know little bit is that, follow the rule made by government and respect others on the road. I think by doing this we'll be able to lessen the risk of street accident, in which we don't want to happen, right?

The traffic jam prevailing in this city is caused by many things. Yes I admit that I am maybe one of them. I mean the motorbike drivers also contribute to this matter. The easy and relatively cheap installment apparently causes problem. It is undeniable that government of ours encourages many companies to make easier procedure of owning the vehicles as it can boost the economy. But on the other side, too many people belonging these will make worse problem on the road. So, who should be blamed? No body is able to answer this, I think. But one thing for sure, government, companies and us drivers need to sit around together and solve the problem. Maybe it has been a long discussion but it results nothing but deadlock. Indeed there are many conflict of interests when we talk about policy on the transportation. “Street rulers” (preman in Bahasa, it's my term) are also needed to be considered as they kind of control things in a hidden way.

I don't have specific reason of writing this. I just practice writing and express some of the ideas I have got on my mind about a thing that I now used to it – driving. Driving too fast is bad, making prayer when we are about to drive is maybe a good way. Mom pretty much reminds me about this. Hope we can be wiser and obedient people on the street. Let's drive safely....