Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jomblo Park

Bandung, the city where I live has now a new interesting place that I would like to share with you. It is “Jomblo Park”. Sounds great! Jomblo is Indonesian term for those who don't have girl or boyfriend. Who is jomblo here?
Well, you might ask why the mayor of Bandung built that kind of facility? This park is designed for all people in every age; babies, kids, teenagers, adults and beyond. It is therefore the park is not for couples who usually use the place such as park to do sort of dating. It is impossible for babies for having dating right?
There at Jomblo park we can enjoy the view of Bandung, which I like so much. And you know what, the seats or chairs (made from cement) are in green, red, white, purple, blue, yellow etc – so colorful. Beside, we can also play skateboards there. I cannot play it though! Hm...can't wait to come there again very soon!  

Optimistic Citizens

Bandung, one of Indonesia's largest cities is the city where I live. We, Bandung people are now governed by a new mayor namely Ridwan Kamil. He is an architect and he got his master in urban development from a university in the USA. The way he governs is so much different from others. He is really creative and communicative to people of Bandung. He replies almost every question in his tweeter. Whenever we have problem with anything in this city, we can ask him to solve the problem. He will continue to message to the related department. Once I sent a text to him about the bad road (it has hole) where I usually pass through. I knew the one who replied my SMS was machine but it was great that I got the reply very soon. Three days latter it texted me that the road had been repaired. I then checked it and yes it was good now, no hole!

For entertaining the people who live in Bandung which is a quite crowd city, Ridwan Kamil made an open theater which is free for anyone. Those who don't have money don't have to go to the cinema and pay for the ticket to enjoy the update movie. Ridwan Kamil builds the cinema for free and is located in the green area of the city.

He also made the drainage better therefore we don't experience terrible flood in the rainy season, which is different from Jakarta. Aside, Ridwan Kamil also invites the people of Bandung to make biopori in every corner of Bandung. It is targeted that one million bioporis will be made until the end of this year. The people of Bandung participate in making biopori and the people in an RT (smallest residence) who make the more biopori will be rewarded by the mayor - holiday ticket and foods.
To make the air cooler and better, malls or shopping centers and other buildings are required to to make roof garden on the top it the buildings. It is believed to reduce the pollution and make the air fresher. This city is now greener and the people are happier. We believe we can be the "champion of Indonesia". Thank you Ridwan Kamil!