Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Hi readers, it's now exactly 8.30 PM, Saturday, March 27, 2010. For over next one hour I'll be living in the dark, it means no there is no source of light in my dorm except from this computer screen. I am typing this note with no light from the bulb hung on the ceiling of this room, it's little bit hard though since I am not that expert in typing with no light. Moreover, my laptop's keyboard isn't like Macbook pro which each letter or symbol of the keyboard can glow in the dark. It's still fine anyways as at least it'll be good for drilling typing skill of mine.

Few days ago WWF urged all people in Indonesia (and in 125 countries too) through media such as newspaper and website to turn the lamps off for about one hour. In Indonesia it happens at 8.30 – 9.30 PM on March 27, 2010 - today. WWF is an environmental organization which works to protect nature and give understanding to the people whole around the globe about the importance of keeping our earth clean, comfortable to live in, pure and fresh. Hold on guys, you must have known what is WWF, mustn't you? Well, it stands for World Wildlife Federation and please don't associate it with World Wrestling Federation which also shortened as WWF. You have at least ever seen it on telly in which the stars such as The Rock, Stone Cold and many other players play in false yet so much entertaining wrestling game in the USA. I used to love this program when I was kid anyways. World Wildlife Federation has ever sued World Wrestling Federation as the latter used the same abbreviation - WWF. World Wrestling Federation then changed its name into World Wrestling Entertainment and shortened into WWE instead. So hence, if you see WWF that means World Wildlife Federation which conserves our earth from global warming, forest destruction, animals hunting, ice melting and so forth.

Earth Hour program is designed and introduced by WWF to make people realize about the significance of saving our planet by turning off the light wherever we are. For example in our house, office, bridge, building, tower etc. The slogan I have read more or less says “Let's make our earth colder”. Well, it's good to do something for our earth. We sometime look it as a simple or trivial way when we turn off the lamp for just one hour (60 minutes). We often think that it'll not make any difference, or at least I the one who thinks it so. But when I try to ponder it deeper, I finally come into a thinking that if we all do it at a whole, indeed we'll make a difference. It's maybe just one hour and the electricity power we reduce just few watt. But once again, if we do it all in the large group - altogether, we'll surely help our earth from the mentioned-problems.

I don't really know for sure when we should turn the lamp off, is it annually? Monthly? I guess it'd be great if we do it weekly. That means we've gotta switch anything off once in a week. It's kind of challenging, isn't it? By inactivating any device for one hour I do believe it'll help our earth as we'll lessen the spending of our energy. The reason of the dissemination of the earth-Hour program is presumably because we barely can reduce the use of our electricity unless with this worldly-commemorated event. By doing this, I am quite sure everybody's heart we'll be tugged as we are tend to follow the so-called trend. And earth-hour is moving-forward trend, there'll be more city follow this program, this year there are about 4000 cities whole around the globe register to join.

Indeed, there are many things we can do to save this planet and we need to be commitment in doing this. I myself always minimize using plastic and electricity in my dorm, I use low voltage bulb, I always say “no” of using plastic bag if I buy something from the store – I bring my own bag or I can use my back-bag. You can try your own guys, happy saving our earth!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mesmerizing Kunang-kunang

Beautiful, enchanting, glimmering and so cool. These are all I've got on my mind about the fireflies or lightning bugs (in Bahasa they are called kunang-kunang). Firefly is an animal that can light up its surrounding while it is flying in the air or perching on surface of something. Wikipedia says, “fireflies use light of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. This chemically-produced light from the lower abdomen, may be yellow, green, or pale red”. Great, aren't they? Subhanallah.

Few days ago I listened to a sermon on MQ FM radio delivered by ustadz Budi Prayitno and he talked about this sort of amazing animals. He said that we are now barely can find these animals since things have apparently changed a lot in our environment. It is true that when I was kid and lived at my hometown, I often saw these school of animals if I went out at the dark night. Back then either by feet or by driving bicycle of mine, I used to go to mosque or somebody's house in the evening to learn reading Al-Quran (ngaji). And when I went home, I sometimes found this miraculous animals. I loved them.

Presently, fireflies are somewhat vanished in the big city such as Bandung or Jakarta, and I think so in my small village – Cisewu. I cannot figure out why it's so hard to find or encounter them now. One thing for sure, it's probably because we are now overwhelmingly using light for anything. We set many bulb lamps inside and outside of our house. We also put the street lamps so that they cannot show themselves out even at night. Whereas, it's so bewitching when we are walking on the street or dike between rice field and then see fireflies that shine our path. Extremely miss them.... :(.

Well, I think fireflies are so popular in the society as there are few animals that can glow, firefly is one of them. In Malaysia, firefly is called “kelap-kelip” and in Sundanese (my mother language) it's called “cika-cika” which more or less means blinking or flashing. Due to it's uniqueness, many people use the name firefly for anything they intend to do so. In Malaysia, firefly is the name of Malaysia's first community airline, flying from Penang and Subang to exclusive destinations in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. In the USA, Firefly is an American space western television series created by writer and director Joss Whedo. In Indonesia there is also an old song sang by Ernie DJohan entitled “Kunang-kunang” which means firefly and you can find it on youtube, I am sure :).

Readers, indeed firefly is one of Allah beautiful creature that we have to thank Him for it. I almost forget this animals since I rare to see them for years and years. I cannot find them here in Bandung, I cannot find them at the Zoo or somewhere else. I just miss them and I hope I can someday see it again, wherever it is. Thank You Allah for the beautiful kunang-kunang, thank You for anything.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cisewuan to have new way!

Readers, it's the note when I went home few days ago, I am now in Bandung already. The hometown of mine called Cisewu is located in the southern part of Garut regency. It's about 110 Km from Garut the capital. Due to the distance to the capital is quite far and the way is not really pleasant for car to go on, most of the people at my village go to Bandung for any kind of business they have. I myself prefer go to Bandung to study and shop, farmers prefer to sell their produce or agriculture goods to the city of Bandung since the distance is quite shorter than it is to Garut, it is approximately 95 km though. Still far?
Cisewu is the second nearest subdistrict to Bandung regency after Talegong subdistrict. This means, if you go to the edge of Bandung regency and want to be in Garut regency, you'll first meet Talegong and then Cisewu which both of them are belonged to Garut. The red circle above is Cisewu area located on the satellite map, I got it from google earth.

Well, in West Java province the rains fall throughout the day recently, especially in Bandung and Garut. As you might have known, the contour of southern part of west Java is not really flat compared to the northern part of it such as Jakarta, Indramayu, Cirebon etc. It is therefore the streets or ways across the souther part of West Java cannot be so straight, instead they are consisted of turns as well as ascents and descents. In simply I can say that the way bids sort of hills and mountains. Since the rains is getting bigger and swifter, the unstable lands across the way of Talegong and Cisewu often slide. So many times in my life experiencing the landslide took place. Few days ago was the most terrible experience I ever had as there were too many spots where landslide occurred. It lies for about 2 kilometers in a row. So when the first landslide is handled, another comes. What would you do if you are trappen in betweent he two big landslides? Ah...thanks God I didn't experience that. Thing that makes situation got ever worse is that the steep beside the way. As the way is kind of biding the mountain, as I mentioned before, the first side of the street is a land part and the other is deep ravine that no one would say it is a piece of cake to be dealt with.

Across the two-kilometer-way I mentioned above, there are around 8 or 10 landslides in which if the shower happens the land will certainly fall and fall again. The landslides make the street department officers from West Java govt somewhat frustrated. They then decide to make new way for about 2-3 kilometer long. This new way will cost a lot as the construction will take place on people's land. That means the government should pay money or at least to recoup the taken lands. This construction will start in the early April this year and will take probably couple months to finish it. In the meantime, the drivers and all way-users should deal with the steep and peril streets in which the landslides pretty much happen.

Along the way from Cisewu – Pangalengan, I saw some many signs say “Hati-hati rawan longsor, hati-hati jalan menyempit, jembatan rusak maksimal 2 ton and so fort”. This sort of signs indicate the the way is not safe enough to be crossed. The local government institutes the ban of using the street if rains fall as it could jeopardize the people. The street is now being maintained by government officers as well as people who voluntarily fix it.

The current report from people around Talegong subdistrict remarks that there was one person killed caused by the landslide. He was in his car when landslide from the top of the bid-land brought him and his car to the gorge. Innalillahi.....

It's so deep condolence I have within me. I have ever experienced when I was so close to the big landslide few days ago, thanks God I was saved by Allah then. I pray may all of us will be saved by Allah from any calamity happens around us. It's time to realize and repent ourselves from any kinds of mistakes as Allah has shown His signs of mighty. May the under-planned street will be a lot safer and better.

* Rough post

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lunch among Chinese

Ni hao, today I went to place (still in my city) to meet somebody which is great. He has enormously good intention in sharing anything he has got to the society. We talked about something interesting for about three hours then. Well, I won't talk about him or his goodness now. Instead, I'd like to share with you about the experience I had few minutes after I parted with that person. It is when I ate something for my lunch – luncheon story.

Soon after our valediction (with that kind person), I headed to a mosque next to his house to perform Dzuhur prayer. The mosque was quite nice and chores of junior high school students flocked inside. I was quite dizzy as because I was somewhat hungry or so. Then I decided to find something for me to eat. Since I was not really familiar with the surrounding, I went by to a high way and finally I found a vendor beside a street (I forgot the street's name though). On the windowpane that vendor's cart written “lomie”. Anybody know what does this mean? Yes it is something like noodle with sticky gravy (mie means noodle in Indonesian). It also has meatball, onion, vegetables, cucumber (optional) and other ingredients. Since I didn't have any audacity to ask the price (I was also quite tired to ask), I just ask them to give me one portion. The waiter said “OK”. And you know what, the price was quite steep for me whose income hasn't grown up :). It costs IDR 15.000 for just 1 cup of chicken noodle while the normal price is just around IDR 5.000-10.000. It didn't matter me as it was quite tasteful -really mouth-watering actually.

While I was waiting for the noodle to be served, some other costumers came and talked one another. What a surprising one was that most of them were Chinese. Yes there were about 5 Chinese then and around 2 native Indonesian. I guess they work for the same company since they talked about sort of business or something related to it. Another shocking thing was that they chatted in Sundanese language. It wowed me indeed. I could hardly believe that they talked as fluent as me. I also wonder why are so many Chinese in my city. I didn't say that I am displeased for it. I just question myself by this. Well, I was also very much sure that Chinese and its inherit are quite ubiquitous in Indonesia, not just in this country anyways- whole around the globe. I have also good, nice, gorgeous Chinese friend out there, she was my classmate when I stayed in the US.

The Chinese I met then actually talked in quite coarse way for me the native Sundanese. But I exactly tolerated them since they are not indigenous, instead they or their descents are Chinese who moved and settled here. It indeed tugged me that they speak in my really native language. I more often to speak in Bahasa instead of Sundanese since my environment here in Bandung forces me to do so. I only use Sundanese when I go back home or when I talk with some of my Sundanese-friends. Their accent (the Chinese) was totally like the real Sundanese as they might have been living here for quite awhile. One friend of mine said that Chinese or any ethnics who have been settling in Indonesia for quite long will always attempt to use native language as they want to assimilate to the native. Or they really want to be acknowledged as part of it. I think both notions can be true or at least both of them are related toward each other.

Readers, I don't mean to humiliate or to disparage any ethnic by my writing. I just want to make two points here:
First, let's live harmoniously with any kind of ethnics in the country. We've got to respect to each other since we are equal before God. Thing that matters is that our good deeds to God and human. Therefore we can never be allowed to make any bad prejudice to all, instead, let's keep improving ourselves, let's keep respecting one another, insya Allah we'll get Allah's mercy and love.
Second, it is good to learn from them (Chinese or any other ethnics in our country) since it's true that most of them more successful in business, it's true that most of them earn much more money than we do. What makes them so then? It's because they work harder and think smarter. Let's copy their spirit and paste it within ourselves, it might be hard to do it though. But I think we can start talking to them and ask them about business or anything. In other words, let's be good to them like what we do to other natives Indonesian. If we have known them better, we can understand them and also take the good things from them.

Third, be proud of speaking our own mother language (Sundanese). Yes, I am not a really good guy of being rare to use it. I promise myself to use the good Sundanese from now on. I know I cannot use it to all people, at least I can do speak it when I buy something from vendors on the street or when I meet those who I know as Sundanese people.

Thank you all for reading, any comment is welcome. Hatur nuhun sareng xie xie ni :)


Friday, March 5, 2010


I have got 1 hour to compose a hastily-posted-writing as the commencement post for this March. I mean, I am trying to write something important happened around me early this month (or at the very edge of Feb). I have not been able to regularly write something recently guys. It's not because I didn't have time, indeed, we do all have the same time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and so forth. I just felt so hard to transform ideas on my mind onto stacks of digital papers on my notebook. Ok, I'd like to start with the super one. On Feb 28, I did great thing in which for the very first time this year I re-tried to guide the club activity.

I became facilitator of Hut program in which then we all insanely laughed, screamed, gave standing ovation and commented toward each other. As a member who have been joining the club (My English Club) for more than 4 years, I pretty much though of doing this but the time had not come yet. I mean I'd be pleased to had others lead it instead of me at first hand. I sometimes told myself that I had chores of experiences in guiding the hut. But it always so stoked to lead the guys at the club, that is why I wanted to try to guide them again. I made them somewhat crazy though :). Wanna know the story? I wrote an excerpt on MEC's blog, just check this blog out here:

The second tremendous thing was that, I got some job offer and projects this month (I won't tell you here now though). Latter on :)

Okay, the third is that about the plan of kicking off some businesses with friends and families. I am totally enthusiastic to start up business. I don't really have bunch of experiences in businesses though, but I really want to have one, at least one. I do have my own little business, it just hasn't gone to the moon. May Allah ease everything of me for now then.

Next is about the improvement I have made within myself. I joint SMS TAUHIID provided by Aa Gym & co few days ago. Aa made sort of message service program for those who subscribe but it is completely FREE. It's not like any other reg programs as you see on telly, instead it is an at-no-cost program that you really have to join, you MUST! I join this program and get an SMS about Tauhiid, daily. This program quite works out since the member now has been out of the quota. It exceeds 10 thousands people registered. It's really easy to join in. Just type REG TAUHIID on your cellphone and then send to 085722512345. Do it now and you'll get daily SMS about Tauhiid, cool isn't it? Readers, I cordially admire Aa who consistently contributes something for this ummah, hope I can be like him in terms of giving and sharing to all.

Well, time's almost up!
Okay, today March 5, I became trainer who trained some of Daarul Jannah cottage's staffs about English. It was turn of mine to do so anyways. I taught about “Writing Business letter” and made quite interesting presentation (I hope so :)). There were 5 students came then and all of them are actually Front Line Officers at the company. This program has been running for about 2 moths and I have several times been their trainer for particular topics related to Hotel and Hospitality management. I enjoy teaching them as I can get hilariously good atmosphere in a way of learning with adults. I was not quite used to it before, but now I love facilitating adults also.

Okay 10 minutes left!!!
Hm....well, I have several times seen a boy who always goes to mosque for praying. He is not a boy yet though, I mean he is just probably 5 to 6 year-kid but he goes to the mosque to pray 5 times a day. I wonder who his parents are. I have not found them and I intend to find them. Or I'll probably ask that kid. I somehow admire that child who is at his age able to perform praying at the mosque. It looks so ironic when we see adults Muslims out-there commuting for seeking worldly things. Well, I didn't humiliate anybody, I just tell reality around me. We indeed can learn many things from an immature yet I would say immaculate kid around us. May we can always take lesson from every single moment in our lives.

It is 10.09 P.M. and that means no time left! Thanks for reading, see ya next time. Salam!

*Rough – unedited