Tuesday, August 24, 2010

12th day of Ramadan

Ramadan as th the month of “la'laakum tattaquun & la'laakum tasykurun”. This is the only sentence I remember from the speech in the radio as I didn't go to the mosque. I listened to the MQ FM radio at the very last minutes. The speech person was someone that I must not familiar with as I didn't recognize his voice.

The meaning of la'alaakum tattaquun is more or less the taqwa reason. Yes the ultimate goal of Ramadan is taqwa. Everybody is supposed to be taqwa person within her or his life, and Ramadan is the media to drill in order that for each of us to reach this sublimest attainment. It is for sure not as easy as it is to gain Taqwa. If you ask me, I'm way far from it..let's keep trying though.

While the second part of that sentence is the gratitude reason. It is really important to be notice this. We sometimes or most of the times forget what Allah has done to us. To make any gratitude or syukur is indeed a must thing to do. But many of us tend to pretty much overlook it from our daily routine. We seldom spend our time focusing on how to fully gratitude to Allah, this is what I feel. I hope you don't do the same.

As an analogy, the speech person said that we have to thank Allah like a louse, don't like a mosquito instead. A louse will just shake the blood from human body without many sayings. It acts swiftly and finish its work as soon as it can. But mosquito does less intelligent in this case. This able-to-fly animal always sounds the voice so we human can hamper it from sucking the blood. This sort of analogy simply means, we have to make syukur or thank without saying anything to anyone. It is just Allah, enough!

Well, it is quite hard to do.. But as always, never give up to learn and work the best we can, insha Allah. Allah knows us best. He knows for sure our capacity. Insha Allah...


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