Saturday, August 21, 2010

9th day of Ramadan

Aa Gym was the speech person that evening since it was Thursday. From the speech he delivered, I could take some points here as follows :

1.Don't be afraid of the entire world. It basically means we should never feel afraid with the anxiousness saying we won't be sufficed by God. Indeed everything has been calculated and God will give that to us. Our fortune, our couple and everything are not needed to be worried about. The thing we only need to be afraid of is when we don't repent our sins and mistakes. We've got to make extra effort in order that ourselves become so-called taqwa persons.

2.To some extent, this life will be quite hard. But it actually feels difficult since we don't have any guide. If we seriously ask and make Allah as our guidance in this life, we won't feel that hard. Just be sure!

3.The solution of every problem is not just our intelligence. We might say that our mind or logic can also solve particular issue within ourselves. But most of the time, it is indeed our faith or taqwa that does that. It does give us solution as we ask for God's help. The matter is, we sometimes don't realize that Allah is behind that.

4.Our lives won't be guaranteed by salary, saving and our asset. It is Allah who “insures” our lives. The things we own are just for awhile so we should never make them as our insurer.

5.When we are able to make Allah is just enough, everything will be just little. Everything in this world is minuscule thing we should never be proud of.

6.The best amal are the deeds conducted in Ramadan month since Allah multiplies the rewards. Be serious in making good deeds. In making charity, the best thing is that when we don't tell anybody. To practice, just do and forget it, do and forget it.

7.The best men are those give many benefits to other people. We need to be the ones who give more instead of the ones who accept. It is ok if we get something from someone, but afterward we have to think and make effort to repay even the bigger thing to him and to other people.

8.Indeed, everything we have in this world such as money, position, car, house, laptop and everything should be used to make ourselves closer to Allah. All of them are just facilities, not our end goals.

Well, I am not sure I can implement all knowledge mentioned above, it is hard. But insha Allah, I'm trying. Please guide me, my Lord...amiin.

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