Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The year 2012 is Leap Year. As a result, this month, February has 29 days and it only happens once in 4 years. Tahun Kabisat is called Leap Year in English because it is unusual to have 29 days in Feb. The regular number of day in February is 28. So, use this day in a very wise way and make great thing today since you may only meet this day again in 2016. Happy celebrating the Day!
Indonesia is now in the rainy season. Rain mostly comes in the afternoon. Everyone is supposed to prepare things such as umbrella and raincoat. I do have raincoats, two. The first is one is blue and the other is greenish. But the latter is somewhat broken so I don't use it very often. Umbrella, I got it for free for I joined a seminar and the committee gave me as a gift. It's pretty good. The essence of this writing, be well-equipped with umbrella, readers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Webcam for Learning

One of the best things to learn English is by practicing yourself to talk in front of the mirror. I pretty much did it when I was in high school. Even nowadays I sometimes do it whenever I have chance. This allows you to know the way you pronounce certain word as well as to know the rhetoric of yours. Confidence is also thing you’ll get if you do it quite often. I am sure there are more benefits that we can get from doing this thing if we do it in a regular basis, once a week or more is suggested. As technology improves, I now do this in a way that’s more effective and result-producing. Yes, webcam is very good friend of mine in learning English. I just sit before the computer of mine and start recoding myself. I talk about anything I want, such as my idea on something, my experience on that day, my plan, or whatsoever. The key is that I keep practicing to talk in English. The duration doesn’t need to be so long. It’s maybe 3-5 minutes per shot. The video I recorded is saved in my drive so that I can view it at anytime. Besides, it allows me to value myself in case I said wrong word or less appropriate sentences. This evaluation is something that you won’t get if you just talk in front of the mirror. The videos I produce have been sort of entertaining and somewhat witty sometimes. Yes, knowing mistake you make is good point to evaluate your English skill, but it’s often peculiar. Never mind anyway, the point is that our skill in English improves. Aside, no one knows thing you say and do in front of the webcam. Happy learning!