Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6th day of Ramadan

I don't precisely remember what was said in the last night tarweeh speech. Person delivering the kultum was an imam of a mosque near the Ledeng area, as always, I never brought the speech person's name to my mind. He was quite old though, indeed. One thing I very much remember was about the people grumbling at his quite-long-speech. I don't intend to undervalue his saying with this post. I just need to tell the about truth. I think that person was too energetic in giving his speech so that he sometimes forgot the time limit he had.

To write this post, I squashed my mind and finally found one key word. It is shaum. Yeah, he mentioned that, the word shaum derives from Arabic and we'd better use it instead of puasa or fasting in English. The word shaum more likely belongs to Islam while others may have been influenced by other religions or faiths.

Shaum basically means to hold. In terminology is more or less the effort we make to hold ourselves from eating, drinking, having sexual intercourse from the dawn until the dusk time. Shaum in Ramadan is exceptionally special as it is only once in a year. As it is totally special, we must then give our best effort in doing shaum this month.

I think those are the only points I could remember...(I'm going to make some notes on the forthcoming speech).

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