Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ranca Buaya (again)

I think this is not the first time for me to post an article about Ranca Buaya beach. But anyway, it was the first time to go there with my little son, Kautsar.

We went there on August 1, 2014. It was seven persons of the family heading to this another Java's astonishing beach.

The beach is located at the south part of West Java. It is in line with Santolo & Pangandaran beach. This beach is located 30 km from my house and it took about an hour to get there by car. You can get there sooner by motorcycle.
in the past
Something good about the beach? To me, it is the fish. Yes the seafood you may call it. The scenery is awesome, too. But the biggest reason for me is always the fish. Well, I used to be a fish hater. My wife made me aware of the importance of eating fish as well as the delicious taste of it.

Anyway, if you live in Bandung and plan to get to Ranca Buaya, you should go to Pangalengan to make it fast. Then pass my village, Cisewu. From there, as I said you just need one more hour. In total, you need five hours. But please stop by my village, there are many cool things there. Well, at least you fill the gas there.
Hope you have a journey there, to the beach of Ranca Buaya. See you :)