Sunday, August 15, 2010

3rd day of Ramadan

Last night the speech person was Mr. Rahman. He is one of my neighbors. He is a headmaster by profession but he is sometimes also able to be an ustadz, no, he is a great person anyway.

Well, since I went to Ar_Rahmah, mosque where I studied Islam when I was 8 years old. I found some memories there. I still remember when I read Quran, learned how to sing shalawat, completed to each other and all things. Nonetheless, I won't talk about those here. Instead, as I promised myself, here is the summary of that night taraweeh.

Pak Rahman spoke about several things that abrogate the reward of our fasting. He also mentioned the 5 things that can reduce our fasting rewards. Since I have mentioned the latter in the prior post, so please scroll down to find them out. Well, here are some sort of things that discard our fasting:

Swallowing something through our mouth (e.g. eating and drinking)
Ejaculating caused by “imagining wrong things”
Having sexual intercourse (for married couple)
Vomiting (intentionally)
Being Epilepsy at the time

There are special treatments we need to do if we do or experience any of them. For example, if we eat something in Ramadan for no reasonable reason, then our fasting was broken and we have to replace it in other months. But, I don't recommend you to do this since if you do, you've got sin still. I mean it is not permissible thing to do to break our Ramadan fast before maghrib.

There are exactly some versions about the things that cancel our shaum. Pak Rahman just summed of from all of them. You may ask google for the complete ones. In short, by this writing I just reminded myself about things that can discard our fast, hope I won't forget them. Thank you .

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