Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A pal's story

A friend of mine paid a visit to my dorm today. He's my associate from management department. Due to running some businesses for him and family, he has not graduated yet so he sometimes asked me about the paper writing process and such. I also have little business with him so we can be sort of called business partner anyway.

A nice story from our chat this afternoon is about his losing thing. He used to so much love the phone he owned till Allah made it disappear some day – stolen. What is interesting to me is that the way it's stolen. He is someone who, to my personal opinion, really meticulous in caring his things. But at that moment, he remarked that he was not that careful busied by phone ringing and listening to some music. The accident happened when he was in the bus and the stealer was sitting near to him. The stealer acted so weirdly that my friend notice it with ease.

But Allah was willing then so his loved-phone thieved. He realized that the phone was stolen when he got down from the bus. Soon after he ran after the culprit but he couldn't manage.

Thankfully he realized that the phone was just a thing. It is mandated by Allah for us to take care of. Allah can anytime take it away from us. Even the most loved-thing. A lesson from this accident is that, we can never love anything too much. Just in a mediocre as Allah is the truly owner, not us.

A cellphone, laptop or anything is just a thing that is supposed to ease our lives and make ourself closer to Allah. Those two points are the things we pretty much forget about. From now on, we may ask ourselves, “Does our cellphone make us closer to Allah and make ourself better?” If no, that means we are not able to fully understand its existence. We are not able to really know its function for our lives.

Hope we can always learn good thing from all things happen around us, amiin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

English Club

The language of English undeniably allows us communicate with the world. The importance of mastering English has been nowadays sort of everyone's concern, especially to those who are eager to enhance their knowledge. It's actually not an obligatory for all of us, but it is for sure better if we are able to master it. I am talking this since I've felt the needs.

Many people spend their time, money, energy and everything to have a good skill in English. The main concern is mostly about the conversation or speaking skill. Taking a course at a reputable English course is one of a good ways to do. It gives us a good learning especially when the teachers are English native speakers coming from England, USA or Australia. And yet, to me this method has some flaws that impede someone's progress. Yes, you are not that pleased when you have to always spend lots of money to pay the tuition, right? In my city, the course cost can be around 1 -2 millions per level. It means, you need to spend much money to get to the highest level – mastering all materials. Yet, you are suggested to try it to if you haven't.

Other things we can do to master English are : joining home stay, on-line study, watching movies, listening to some musics or podcast, subscribing to cable TV and watch English program a lot. But, one thing that helps me so much is that joining an English club.

This might or might not work for you. But to me it does. I got abundance of materials of English that I know unconsciously. The keys are persistence, intention and willingness. If we have strong intention to learn English, no one will doubt the result. The persistence means how long we are committed to ourselves to learning it. It is about the portion of time we are willing to spend. The more time we spend, the better the result will be. I have been joining the club for over 5,5 years and the result might be good (to my personal view). Anyone can say anything though, I am pleased if you have any comment.

Why English Club.
Here are some reasons I have in my mind why do I love sharing you about the good thing about an English club.

An English Club is basically a community where you and others share all tings about English, you can share about anything though. You influence others and they influence you. Everything is mutual relationship and you cannot stand alone there – being selfish or so called egoism. The senses emerged in the club are brotherhood, sharing, sacrifice and benefiting others. Aside from them, learning English in a community can impact a lot bigger than if you join a course for a level or two as you can learn English much longer in a club. Near to six years is so meaningful to me. Tuition is at all not a problem since you are not charged a lot. You almost pay nothing for all the learnings.

Sharing and helping to each other are the heart of every community. You can never let somebody in a confuse so you will always help him or her. Any skill or knowledge will for sure benefit at least to somebody. As an example you are able to sketch picture then you can help the club decorating the event held by the club.

Learning English in a community or club finally lets you think that English can be far more fun and it might can be anything. English is indeed important, but you will then realize that English is nothing but a mean to always make you close to your Lord. As a mater of fact, you need always to support your community as it is the prove that you love and close to your Lord. The better your relationship with your God, the more contribution you can give to your community.

Finally, the learning of English itself is not a burden as you pretty much seek for thing far more than that. What I mean by this is that, you will find easiness in learning as by the consequence, other people in the community will also contribute to you. When you need help they will always be in the front line to help you out. When you are scrapped of cash they will have willingness to give you a loan. These are just few example and you need not to hope anyways. It will just automatically come to you.

You might conclude from this post that learning English is just another thing. A far more substantial thing awaits you there – God's blessing. In a word, it is awesome. Yes, you may feel the same as I feel if you really do join some sort of community I do. There are many out there, I am sure. So just pick one.

Thanks for reading,..