Wednesday, August 25, 2010

13th day of Ramadan

Again, I missed the moment to pray at mosque for Taraweeh. The lesson I'd like to share now is a speech from an ustadz in MQFM radio aired on Aug 24, 2010. I listened to his speech in the morning after Aa gym gave a usual speech beforehand. The ustadz basically talked about the importance of making charity or sadaqah in this holy month.

It is really good if we are able to make much more contribution to the society around us in this Ramadan than in other months. That is why we need to put our attention in making this, at least we make daily target in allocating particular number of money to those who are needy. As an example, our prophet was for sure a generous person. But in Ramadan he even was more generous that he was in other months.

The role of government is really great in managing charity or zakaat. Thanks God we've got supportive constitution showing our govt. cares quite much to Islam. Even so however, Indonesian government cannot force someone to pay zakaat as it is the part that is not regulated in our rule. Our government has only part in regulating the institution which is allowed to manage zakaat and so forth.

The potential of zakaat is abundantly myriad in this country as the majority of people is Muslim. The number of Muslim here is more than the number of Muslim in the entire middle east. If managed professionally and people have awareness to pay zakaat, it can lessen the number of poor and unemployed people. So, let's be used to pay zakaat, infaq and sodaqoh (charity). Let's give charity everyday, insha Allah...

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