Wednesday, August 18, 2010

7th day or Ramadan

Peace be upon you...
Due to some unspeakable reasons, last night I didn't go to the mosque for performing taraweeh. Instead I just stayed at home and did taraweeh alone. Even so, I felt more tranquility inside as much of the time was spent to focus on me and God. I mean, there less disturbance from other people especially children who pretty much some noises. Since tarweeh is a sunnah prayer, so there is no necessity to conduct it at the mosque with jamaah. Jamaah is sometimes better though.

Although I stayed at home, I did listen to some speech on the radio. MQ FM was my only choice then. The speech was still about magnificent Ramadan. From hadith, the sermon deliverer said that if all Muslims know the miraculously blessed Ramadan, indeed, all of them will ask all the months become Ramadan. Since in Ramadan there are tons of rewards given by god.

Ramadan is actually an Arabic word. He said that long time ago, Arabic people named every month based on the weather they felt. And in the moth they fasted, the weather was so extremely mild. So they came to a decision that that month was finally named Ramadan, meaning the combustion. So what is being combusted or burnt? It is our sin and our bad acts.

Why our sin is needed to be burnt? The answer is, Allah wants us to be much better people. As an analogy, the speech person said that the roof-tile is much more expensive than just the clay since it has been burnt, shaped and ground. The price of this processed stuff is tougher and worth more payment. Besides, we put it in the upper part of our house. It is not a clay in which we step on it staying under.

Another thing that I could catch was about the importance of giving some foods or refreshment to those who fast. There are 3 things that Allah will grant to those people:
1.Allah will erase their sins
2.Allah will protect them from blazing fire in hell
3.Allah will give the same rewards of the food receiver to the giver.

That is all the note for last night taraweeh speech. See you tomorrow. Have sound sleep...

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