Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Management Class


This is one of the pictures I have portraying the activity I had when I studied at Management department at UPI. Some people in the picture are my closest friends. We joined this event as an additional class of a subject. The speaker then was the grantee to study in a post graduate school at UI (Indonesia University). Her name is Resa, the winner of The scholar contest broadcasted by metro TV.

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Status quo, no!

Everyone indeed evolves, but not everyone realizes that he or she has evolved. Evolving can be in any way either good or bad way. Here of course I am talking about the good one within me and I hope within yourselves, I encourage the strangers to share with me here.

I am a college student and almost everyday (as it is supposed to be) I learn by reading, listening or observing things that I encounter in my life. I call them all as mean for me to evolve. To me, realizing that we have evolved is important since we will always think, act and behave differently (supposed to be better). The essence of changing the way we think, acting and behaving is improvement itself. These are the very noticeable measurement of us in the present time compared to the past. And yet, the improvement and changing in a very dramatic way will be perceived not similarly by people around us, especially by the closest friends, families or spouse (if you have). They might think that you are stranger or whatsoever they never thought before, they might hate you. This massive change can be called as evolution or maybe revolution within you. I personally love to be evolving myself toward the better one, as this is what I understand in the teaching of my religion – islam. What in yours? But, not that extreme anyways.

A trap that will be faced by those to have committed to improving themselves in a radical way is that the bad perception from other people. But it’s not solely that, the sense of pride obviously felt by them also jeopardizes themselves. So, keeping a sincere intention to change is so much inevitable, the very 1st thing must-have beforehand.

Changing in the way we speak, write, or act is visible more frankly to those who are closest to us because they see us quite often and have known quite well. I have been writing on this blog for almost 3 years and I realize that the topics I pick have changed, the way I use certain words also changes. And so the openness or expressiveness in writing. The only reason I decided to publish writing and make a blog is to drill my writing skill in English. Unconsciously I thought I have touched something quite far from that – expressing my ideas. Yes, you may see some of my ideas and philosophy, at least you can value and judge me in ease, for some it’ll be hard still.

All in all, writing on a blog has to benefit me and other people. Yes I have gotten benefit since I can practice my writing and gauge the improvement, I laughed sometimes when I read my past posts. Nonetheless I won’t delete them as I think it’s a good stuff to measure me. So to me now, blog is one of the measurement instrument to know how much you have changed toward the better ones. So, I urge you to keep writing on blog of yours, or if you haven’t got it, make one. It’s free!
Happy measuring yourselves!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011


Everyone who is concerned about English will always be needed to master grammar. Grammar, what is grammar? Well, it is kind of rule we use in dealing with language, I am sure every language has it. Grammar is indeed a very big deal for those who, in this time I would call, English learners since the degree of mastery of English can one be indicated or identified by grammatical usage in speaking and writing, in which they are called as active learning. Learning Grammar in order that we are able to speak and write in English correctly has always been a critical issue, at least for some (read most) people I met so far. Many of us are doubt in speaking or have lack of confidence due to the poor grammatical skill we have. Some of them, even English students at college, barely have strong faith within themselves to really practice English in a very correct in terms of grammar, in a way that they are supposed to do. In a word, grammar is something we tend to ignore or to be afraid of. Well, is it true that grammar is that scary?

One of the ways to master English grammar is to learn it in a regular basis and in an automatic way. Reading book or taking a course can be a very brilliant idea. But what I meant by automatic way is that, we don’t have to be really aware that we are learning, as example by reading book. Learning grammar must be lots of fun but what we have experienced so far, might be always boring since we were perplexed by long, not easy to understand formulas. Yes, this is what I did experience during my most English learning at classes. So, I was personally fond of getting to master grammar by not even knowing what grammar really was. I never learned or remember too hard about the formula and the name of the tenses. When your brain tries hard to remember the sentence “Present Perfect” for example, it then uses some energies of yours. As a fact, you have no more energy to really learn or master the grammar itself. Being confused by the name, never try to remember it, trust me!

So what did I do then? Well, I just read the book - trying to figure out the content, then gave the comment or thought of mine regarding to the book’s content. Grammar? I left it behind quite far somewhere I didn’t really care. By doing this kind of thing quite often, unconsciously I know which one is wrong and which one is correct. My sense tells me that this is wrong and that the proper one is blah..blah…

I’ve been learning this kind of method for about 10 years or so, since I was at first grade senior high school obviously. Of course, this thing might won’t work for everyone. I am not English graduate. And I am sure that on this planet, there is only few of us who are so-called English students or English graduates. But almost of us need to learn English and have a considerably good skill and understanding in speaking, writing in English. I am not saying that the writing of mine here is perfect – flawless. Indeed, I just wrote what I had in mind in to scatter out the hesitancy of ours in learning English grammar. If your are English students or graduates, of course you might be not allowed to do the same as I did, you guys need to know the terms and such and such.

So, learning grammar at its best, for you non English students or graduate, is not by first remembering the names, don’t fill your tiny brain with such less important stuffs. Instead, keep learning and enjoy the process of English learning. Question, how to find pleasure when learning English? I’ll answer this query in the forthcoming note. Learning grammar in an automatic way will become so easy for you. If you did it, English grammar will be so piece of cake like the way you ride the automatic scooter. So, grammar mastery is automatic, too!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Many of the people living in the big cities want their children get the best education. And yet, the better education, the higher cost they must pay. This seems not a problem for affluent families anyway. But for most Indonesian it is indeed a very big deal.

School starts from pre-school till higher education such as doctorate degree. The tuition spent by each person varies depending on where he studies and from what level of economy he comes from. Private schools are often more expensive and unfordable for most Indonesian citizen, yet they provide more extensive and far better quality in the teaching. It allows the students attain much knowledge and get chance to the splendid world in terms of job.

The problem of education has been the concern of government. My govt. launches scholarship program for those who cannot afford the tuition but want to continue the study. I am one of the getters and now taking master degree at Padjadjaran University. The scholarship program is also given by foreign institution or countries. Just google to get one.

Either you get study by scholarship or by money from your parent, you can always get the finest result! The best school or university has indeed a plus, but all in all it is you who determine the future. In the end, there’s nothing to do with the prestige’s school.
I wish you a beautiful future!

You Need a Mentor

A person can never live alone. As social being we always be around people - getting involve with them. Yet we have also goal as an individual, maybe to be a professional teacher, doctor, successful entrepreneur or whatever. Or maybe you want to be an professional in sport? One of they ways to get that done is to have a mentor in our lives.

Yes a mentor is a person who supports, coaches us for a continuous time. We cannot just be taught for a period of time. For the best result the process of this organized informal education should be taken seriously to boost up our skill in whatsoever field we want, an of course in our entire live for sure.
A boxer can never be a champion without a coach, a special coach who drills him hard and professionally. A professional motivator such as Tung Dasem Waringin acknowledge that he has some mentors teaching him a lot of knowledge. A mentor has much more experience, skill, power and calmness to teach someone under his age. So, basically we need an older person to teach us everything. Alone? The result will be just immaculate, you won’t get any spectacular result for an auto learning (without a teacher).
So, are you a freshman? Want to be a superb student? Trust me, you need a mentor. The process of mentoring usually held once a week or more. Ask your senior that you are eager for joining mentoring. An amazing you awaits!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cileunca Drought

Cileunca lake is located in Pangalengan. It is about 50 km from Bandung. You go south to get here. This lake is functioned as power plant. Aside, this is also a good site for you for recreation. Whitewater rafting is also provided at one of its rivers. People also get benefit for watering their farms. 

Due to the long dry season, the volume of water decreases quite substantially. I have just realized that the lake is shallow. Still, this rare phenomena gives benefit to to people to play, catch fish and so forth. Here are some snapshots of Cilenuca lake I took few days ago.




Waterwheel has shortage of water to generate electricity.

 13102011(002)  13102011

People are fishing and catching fish.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Free time


Every student has definitely a feeling when he or she has free time at class, meaning no lecturer and it’s free to do anything. That is what I am having now. Well, what are the things you do the most when your waited lecturer finally cannot come to the class? He or she might have sickness or have other things to do outside. This kind of thing pretty much happens at some universities in this nation. Due to the sense of toleration here is high, so the absence of teacher or lecture seems to be a blessing for most students. But for some, this is not really pleasing. I am one one them :)


Go back to the first question, what do you probably? Here are some choices that I have on my mind:

1. Browsing. Yes this is best if you have a laptop with you and it is connected to the free wi-fi internet in your room. Browsing means a lot ; facebooking, twitting, or just searching for valuable information.

2. Going home. This can be done if you do not have more class ahead. Hm… for me the is the last choice since I’d better do others instead of going home right away.

3. Reading. Books are likely the best for you to read, nonetheless other medias such as magazine, newspaper or website are also recommended.

4. Blogging. I make a difference between browsing and blogging. Blogging can be done offline by utilizing some freeware. I am fond of using Windows Life Writer to blog, though finally I need an internet connection to publish my writing. What I am doing now is blogging to fill the spare time because the lecturer of mine is unable to get in to the class. May my lecture is just be fine and may her business is eased by Allah.

Brothers and sisters, you might have other things to do to fill the spare time in class, please write that down. Thanks

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The more things you have, the bigger responsibility you’ve got. Yes it is the idea that I realized few months ago about the goods or things belong to us. We of course have lots of things in our house, lodging, apartment or anything. I myself can barely count the exact number of things in my 2-3 meter lodging room. It is even harder to memorize how did I get those stuff. Everything seems just turn up to be there.

If you happen to have luxurious mansion or expensive car, have you ever imagined that sometime those things will just disappear? They can be stolen, broken, or you yourself sell them for some financial reasons. The key point is that you only belong them for certain time and it is quite short.

There is no prohibition to poses those thing though. In fact, we Muslims are encouraged to have them so long the ultimate goal is to make ourselves closer to the sole creator – God.

The idea of my writing here is simple, I started to give up some things I’ve got in my room because I realize that, the more thing I have, the more responsibility I have. As an example, I got 3 jackets and I pretty much took care of them by washing, ironing and placing them in my cupboard. But then I realized that those activities could somehow burden me. A question appeared, did I really need them? Well the answer just no. So, I decided to give some to those who needed more.

This is just an example anyway. Hence, one thing we need to really concern is that, whenever we have a new thing, we give the old one. One more example, when your mother gives you a nice pair of shoes, you give the old ones to someone. Try it, it’s really a peace of mind thing since you need not to seize more attention to take care of and do such and such… you can focus on doing other beneficial things instead.
Giving is tranquilizing, most of the time.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kids are amazing!

Everyone must have for sure a period in his life which he or she felt so much joyous, no burdens, no targets, no works. Everything is all about fun, playing at parks and laughing! Yes it’s when we were all kids. The kids that I mean here can be called as people whose ages range from 3-12 years old.

Within that period of time, we grew bit by bit to be the ones who are like now. Our parents, neighbors, schools, friends are all influential to ourselves. We now are what we have been nurtured by them since we were little.


The picture above is a 6-year old girl poses for a picture after Eid Al Fitr Prayers in Bucharest, Romania. It’s pretty much tranquilizing seeing the innocent smile of a kid. Miri, on the picture, expresses the real smile in which we adult persons rare to have it. I acknowledge that we tend to smile with some sort of meaning – to get someone’s attention or praise. Well, I just think that the older we become, the harder we feel to live as what we are supposed to be. Lots of artificial things we make in our daily life, moreover before the public. But they, kids, they can never lie to us. Or at least we will know if they really make an untrue expression.


Being someone living with kids is really something. It was one of my greatest experiences to be a teacher at primary school teaching kids about sciences, languages, arts, quran reading and so forth. The school I’ve been to is Sekolah Bintang Madani. It is located at Jl. Terusan Pesantren 102 Arcamanik Bandung.

The school let me immerse with supper cool and exceptional children. As a teaching assistant, I taught kids at 2nd grade then latter become the homeroom teacher form 3 graders for just few weeks. As I am now taking college (again), I left those cute kids, longing for them!


To be honest, we have to be jealous to the kids. Why? To answer this, I had a very good parable or something. Picture this, the big calamity strikes our town, let's say a big meteor hits the city. All citizen pass away.  You, me and everyone dies. And so the kids. To my understanding, God in hereafter will ask every single of us and kids are exception! They will directly go to heaven! Hm…this what makes me so jealous ladies and gentlemen.


Well, I’ve got others snapshots of kids whom I taught at school! Here they are:

07062011(017) 18072011(018) Sava Widuri


Here are some more:


Hm…you will never be able to be as happy as them now! Kidding. I just I thank God a lot for letting me be the one who is able to be with them. I am felling so lucky!


Kids cannot make any lie, unless you teach them!

Kids cannot hurt you, unless you hurt them first!

Kids cannot be really mad at you, even if you mad at them!

Kids won’t be ignorant, if you teach them the truth!

The most important one, kids cannot make any mistake and sin, in which we do!

Kids are amazing!!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lebaran 2011

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most beneficent,
Lebaran is a term used by Indonesian Muslims referring to the Eid Ul Fitr. It is one of the holy days commemorated by Muslims whole over the world. The commemoration is basically based on Islamic calendar or the moon calendar (Hijra). It falls every 1st of Syawal (10 month in Islamic calendar). Mind you, this year's lebaran celebrated on different days (based on Gregorian calendar).

Yes, it might just happen here in Indonesia – the largest Muslim country. Some of Muslims had 1st Syawal on Augsut 30th but some, the majority had it on 31st of August. It somehow shows us that Islam in Indonesia is the largest and there are always possibilities for difference view, difference interpretation of something and of course difference understanding or thought. This is a blessing from Allah for us
As long as I know, this kind of difference happens several times in my life. This year, the difference is actually little bit more controversial because since long time ago the government had actually stated the day - it was on 30th of August. But then the government, by the ministry of Religion made a change of the Lebaran after considered some suggestions from several sides such as Astronomers from Boscha Observatory, scientists from LIPI, Islamic organizations (NU, Muhammadiyah, Persis etc). The government's decision finally became 31st of August and this has become a nation-wide stipulation. And yet, government tolerated and protected those who celebrated Eid on 30th of August. There are Muhammadiyah, FPI and some other minority organizations celebrated on that day. I did celebrate Eid on 31st of August since I personally believed in the rule of my government. I believe that I have to follow what Government stipulated because it is what I know from the teaching of my prophet. Following that is supposed to be a part of my worship.
This different might or might not be needed to be eradicated. Well, to me, it might be nicer if we all Muslims in Indonesia have the precise day of Eid. For we will have merrier celebration as more people gather on the same day- having a day of victory. But rejoicing is not the main reason of Eid. This day is actually a milestone to actually apply the result of a-month-training in Ramadan. There is no need to have euphoria by setting fireworks or eating all delicacies served on the day. This what actually happens in the village of mine - Cisewu. We learned how to control ourselves during Ramadan, so when we eat lots of things after Ramadan, it is kind of losing the control and we gain nothing from that training.
Lebaran is indeed fascinating as we are able to gather with family. The difference of celebration can never make someone hate over another or thought someone is better than others. We'd better see this tiny dissimilarity as form of blessing from Allah for us, Indonesian Muslims. There are approximately 200 Muslims living here, so it is undeniable that we have difference day of celebration. All we need to do next is to really apply the result of Ramadan and keep respecting others, both Muslims and non Muslims.
At last, I would like to say merry Eid Ul Fitr to all friends and families whole over the earth. I so much apologize I made to every single of you. We know that none of us is perfect, so let us just ask for forgiveness to each other, right?
Thank you all very much,
Warm regards – Egi Arvian

The Economy Generator

Everyone buys!
This is almost quite certain of everybody's doing along the year, moreover in the month of Ramadan. Well here is actually my note of experience getting along with mom to visit a place called market, a traditional market to be sure. The name of the market is just simple, “Pasar Cibengang” This is a weekly market located around 10 km from the house of mine – Cisewu.

Transported by motorbike, I, my sister and mom bought some goods for welcoming the Eid ul Fitr day.
Well, what a weird thing for most of you living in a big city is that the market here operates only one day within a week. That means we cannot buy or sell goods in a daily-based. But wait, we may do this if only we visit different market in the neighboring villages. To make it clear, here is the schedule of market opens in the sub district of Cisewu (Garut is its regency).

Sunday : Pasar Cibengang (10 km from my house)
Monday : Pasar Sukajaya (15 km from my house)
Tuesday : Pasar Mancagahar (13 km from my house)
Wednesday : Pasar Cisewu (200 m from my house)
Thursday : Pasar Cikarang (170 km from my house)
Friday : None
Saturday : Pasar Pasir Huit (9 km from my house)

A question might appear, why does the market only serve on certain day in a week? Why cannot the sellers sell their goods everyday?
Well, to my simple mind it is because of some factors as follows:
The people living in this countryside is few compared to the people living in a city. Pasar Caringin, Pasar Ciroyom or even Pasar Gerlong in Bandung cannot be compared because there are always people near those places. That means even if the market in Cisewu operates everyday, there is no guarantee that the sellers will have buyers or the goods can be sold.
My mon told me that the goods here in the capital of Cisewu sub-district are pretty much sold to outside the area. Bandung and Pangalengan are the two major cities where most goods from here are sold. The farmers or the sellers in Cisewu tend to sell more product there instead of here, the reason is simple, profit. In a short, there are no enough suppliers of goods needed here. As an example, fruits and vegetables are mostly 'imported' from outside the town.

The government seems never plans to make regulation to fully support us to have a daily-open market. In my opinion it will be just good if market opens everyday, though of course there will be many adjustments needed.
A traditional market is somehow an economy generator that will make the village live. Buying and selling are needed in economy as in that transaction there is activity of exchanging thing and money. The more transaction made in a town, the more money spread. This means the economy will always grows. As result, the income of people increases. If the income increases, the prosperity of people is supposed to increase, too. This is the main goal of every economy transaction.
Thing that can be done by us and government is to facilitate people both by making regulation and building some infrastructures. The appreciation to the local farmers and local products has to be given by making lowest standard of price so that they will decrease the goods sold outside the town. But this decision has to be followed by making infrastructure such as good ways and nice markets. The ways or road from quite remote areas such as Cikarang village is highly needed so that the goods will not be halted.

A traditional market maybe just a market. But to me, a market for Cisewuan is a place where they have a busy-ness and quite hectic thing in which they have quite seldom. I think the people here and in every small village need that thing in their lives. I myself saw a very touching moment when a mom accompanied her son shopping at Pasar Cibengang. They looked happy and got some sort of excitement in their shopping. People in big city may get lots of satisfaction by buying luxurious things at a mall or wherever. It will somewhat add their prestige, right? But for people living in a Cisewu, buying tofu, sandals, and new clothers for Eid Ul Fitr at traditional market has somehow imaginable gladness. Getting crowed, making bargain, asking neighbors and buying at a market are entertainment they for sure need to make their lives more meaningful. Doing them is part of their lives and I really want to color their lives by making something to improve the market and the village as well.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Blog recess

No blogging during Ramadan, at least till today.
I'll try to get back soon, though.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The New and Fresh DT mosque

I've ever written a post about the mosque of DT. And here is the second one.
The mosque of DT has now been repaired. Yesterday (Jul 23), it was sort of celebrated (read: formally launched) to the public. This new mosque can be finally repaired and improved so that it can now accommodate much more people than before. Aa Gym said 3000 persons can be in the mosque at the same time.

Well, here some snapshots of the mosque.




You may directly pay a visit here, it's really awesome and tranquilizing at night. In Ramadan, there're always people staying for itikaf... Hope the committee can always make betterment to the mosque, hope we can make the mosque lively by doing good deeds. Don’t forget to give some donations for the mosque improvement. This mosque is built from the money of jamaah. So, your little contribution means big, moreover the big one. Let’s donate. For more detail, please get on this link http://masjiddt.blogspot.com


Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dangerously Beautiful


This what might be quite representative for describing the town of Cisewu as well as the roads toward this place. That what I have in mind inspired by the journey going back and fro to Cisewu.  15012011(007)

The first thing I acknowledge about my hometown is that, it is not a big town, advanced, nor familiar in the regency of Garut. What makes so is that, Cisewu lies among the borders of Pangalengan (Bandung regency), Cidaun (Cianjur regency) and the of course Garut regency. Due to the extremely far distance from Garut (regency's capital), I feel I am not comfortable to be told as an Garutnese. I thought so because we share very little similarity with those who live in Garut. The city of Garut is quite popular for its sheep, leather jacket, oranges, dodol, batik and so forth. But here in Cisewu (one of Garut's districts), you will not find any of them with so much ease. Just very few are available.

Something that keeps me proud of being a Cisewuan is that, I feel we are here lack behind most of districts in Garut that is why we need to study and work harder to elevate the self progress. None of the favorite schools placed here. There is only one government own high school and none of private school is available. It is therefore the ones who care more about their kids are not able to get a lot better education for their kids. In fact, even if this is available, I have little optimism that there's someone keens of sending the kid to private school.

Another thing to be proud of is that, the nice and quite well preserved nature. Although there's some forest were destructed, the nature can be called quite balanced.

The road I passed by from Pangalengan are not really good. There’s only about 20 km of the road which I felt nice to cross on. The rest, 30 km long are requited to be totally repaired. The landslide befriends with us since it pretty much comes every rainy season. The thing we most concerned about is that, it has been repaired seriously since long time ago. There were some efforts to asphalt the road, but the result was not satisfying as the road didn’t last long. Moreover it crossed by trucks and other heavy vehicles. It’s really troublesome to cross rocky, slippery, and non flat road. Here are some shots:

03062011(001) 15012011(005)

Rocky road                                                                          Cliff

 05062011(001) 05062011(003)

     Another rocky and slippery zone                                              Tea factory


The govt has been working hard to make some betterment of the road. But they never succeed because the money spent was little. It needs lots of cash to make nice road to Cisewu.

A thing that has not been known by public about Cisewu and its vicinities is that, it has very good potential of tourism. Rancabuaya beach is one of examples.

Drivers of bike and car really need to be careful when driving to my city. But, it’s all paid by the mesmerizing panorama along the road.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bandung, why are u so special?

jembatan-pasopati-bandung Intending not to wow anyone, but that is the topic of Friday sermon at the mosque where I attended this noon. He talked something that I perceive good, regardless to the tendency that he might have brought the hidden campaign. This what my colleagues maybe talked about. Never mind though. I just here to highlight the positive thing he delivered – Bandung is the most comfortable city in Indonesia.


The sermon deliverer met the major of Bandung – Dada Rosada and they unveiled a research conducted by the international research agency, I forgot the name. From that research there is nation list of city in which the people live more harmoniously, peacefully. Bandung is chosen as the most comfortable city in Indonesia.


To my humble opinion there is no doubt with that research. The fresh air with the low-mid temperature has undeniably made its people somehow more kind than others. Yes, please try to compare people of Bandung with another city's citizen in Indonesia and you will find that here, for some reasons the people are just awesome, more polite and kind.


So, what is the relationship between the the kindness and comfortableness with the Islamic teaching in the sermon?

Allah has pledged us the mu'min that if the citizen of a country, city or town do 3 things, He will protect its people from any calamity. In other words Allah will revoke the predefined disaster for which it's been stated. The three things are:

  1. The people keep prostrating Allah and making the mosques crowded filled with the Muslims doing good deeds.

  2. The people in that city love to each others. They don't harm and fight to each other.

  3. Wake up the the dawn to perform tahajud (night prayer).

Those three things are the things we Bandung people need to fully concerned about if we want to have this city blessed. I've been to some cities in this country and I honestly found no city comparable to Bandung. Well then, Tokyo, Tucson, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, Bangkok are cities I have ever been to. They are maybe awesome too, but for living I need to consider twice. Bandung still is the number one.


The very strong atmosphere of Islam can be felt here, I am sure in Mecca or Medina can be a lot greater but since I haven't been able to stay there, Bandung is still incomparable.


Bandung is religious city! That is what Dada Rosada says. I am all for it as if the people stick to their religion, keep prostrating God – Allah, the city will be blessed for sure. The nature will go along with us and be preserved. The gusting water, rain, trees, air, soil are the things that we need to keep balanced. One of the rules saying that is that our religion. Yes there might be some reasons to not loving this city – jammed, hm,,,,what else? Maybe skyrocketing price of housing. Yes it does make a problem, but I think we still be able to cope it.

Aside Bandung, where on earth can you find a city with these criteria: 27 degree Celsius, mosques everywhere, thriving shopping centers, best government owned universities, strong Islamic atmosphere, hospitable people? No where, guaranteed!

Keep Bandung beautiful Euy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

Here are some things you may encounter in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (The miniature park of Beautiful Indonesia). 


PICT2493 PICT2457

Indonesian traditional houses (from 27 provinces) 

Houses interior. Some interior of the house are very nice, but some are not – less care.



The first Indonesian airplane (gift from Acehnese). This is the real airplane. It is bought by Indonesian people (Acehnese) for the country during the struggle gaining independence .



PICT2521 PICT2533 PICT2551

Sciences experiment at PP IPTEK. You may try some science experiment and it's very helpful for kids when they learn science at school.


PICT2598 PICT2601

Keong Mas (What an extremely big screen theater IMAX). It was the widest screen I have ever seen (inside). The ticket is IDR 30.000 and you may watch movie with the duration 20 minutes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A pal's story

A friend of mine paid a visit to my dorm today. He's my associate from management department. Due to running some businesses for him and family, he has not graduated yet so he sometimes asked me about the paper writing process and such. I also have little business with him so we can be sort of called business partner anyway.

A nice story from our chat this afternoon is about his losing thing. He used to so much love the phone he owned till Allah made it disappear some day – stolen. What is interesting to me is that the way it's stolen. He is someone who, to my personal opinion, really meticulous in caring his things. But at that moment, he remarked that he was not that careful busied by phone ringing and listening to some music. The accident happened when he was in the bus and the stealer was sitting near to him. The stealer acted so weirdly that my friend notice it with ease.

But Allah was willing then so his loved-phone thieved. He realized that the phone was stolen when he got down from the bus. Soon after he ran after the culprit but he couldn't manage.

Thankfully he realized that the phone was just a thing. It is mandated by Allah for us to take care of. Allah can anytime take it away from us. Even the most loved-thing. A lesson from this accident is that, we can never love anything too much. Just in a mediocre as Allah is the truly owner, not us.

A cellphone, laptop or anything is just a thing that is supposed to ease our lives and make ourself closer to Allah. Those two points are the things we pretty much forget about. From now on, we may ask ourselves, “Does our cellphone make us closer to Allah and make ourself better?” If no, that means we are not able to fully understand its existence. We are not able to really know its function for our lives.

Hope we can always learn good thing from all things happen around us, amiin.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

English Club

The language of English undeniably allows us communicate with the world. The importance of mastering English has been nowadays sort of everyone's concern, especially to those who are eager to enhance their knowledge. It's actually not an obligatory for all of us, but it is for sure better if we are able to master it. I am talking this since I've felt the needs.

Many people spend their time, money, energy and everything to have a good skill in English. The main concern is mostly about the conversation or speaking skill. Taking a course at a reputable English course is one of a good ways to do. It gives us a good learning especially when the teachers are English native speakers coming from England, USA or Australia. And yet, to me this method has some flaws that impede someone's progress. Yes, you are not that pleased when you have to always spend lots of money to pay the tuition, right? In my city, the course cost can be around 1 -2 millions per level. It means, you need to spend much money to get to the highest level – mastering all materials. Yet, you are suggested to try it to if you haven't.

Other things we can do to master English are : joining home stay, on-line study, watching movies, listening to some musics or podcast, subscribing to cable TV and watch English program a lot. But, one thing that helps me so much is that joining an English club.

This might or might not work for you. But to me it does. I got abundance of materials of English that I know unconsciously. The keys are persistence, intention and willingness. If we have strong intention to learn English, no one will doubt the result. The persistence means how long we are committed to ourselves to learning it. It is about the portion of time we are willing to spend. The more time we spend, the better the result will be. I have been joining the club for over 5,5 years and the result might be good (to my personal view). Anyone can say anything though, I am pleased if you have any comment.

Why English Club.
Here are some reasons I have in my mind why do I love sharing you about the good thing about an English club.

An English Club is basically a community where you and others share all tings about English, you can share about anything though. You influence others and they influence you. Everything is mutual relationship and you cannot stand alone there – being selfish or so called egoism. The senses emerged in the club are brotherhood, sharing, sacrifice and benefiting others. Aside from them, learning English in a community can impact a lot bigger than if you join a course for a level or two as you can learn English much longer in a club. Near to six years is so meaningful to me. Tuition is at all not a problem since you are not charged a lot. You almost pay nothing for all the learnings.

Sharing and helping to each other are the heart of every community. You can never let somebody in a confuse so you will always help him or her. Any skill or knowledge will for sure benefit at least to somebody. As an example you are able to sketch picture then you can help the club decorating the event held by the club.

Learning English in a community or club finally lets you think that English can be far more fun and it might can be anything. English is indeed important, but you will then realize that English is nothing but a mean to always make you close to your Lord. As a mater of fact, you need always to support your community as it is the prove that you love and close to your Lord. The better your relationship with your God, the more contribution you can give to your community.

Finally, the learning of English itself is not a burden as you pretty much seek for thing far more than that. What I mean by this is that, you will find easiness in learning as by the consequence, other people in the community will also contribute to you. When you need help they will always be in the front line to help you out. When you are scrapped of cash they will have willingness to give you a loan. These are just few example and you need not to hope anyways. It will just automatically come to you.

You might conclude from this post that learning English is just another thing. A far more substantial thing awaits you there – God's blessing. In a word, it is awesome. Yes, you may feel the same as I feel if you really do join some sort of community I do. There are many out there, I am sure. So just pick one.

Thanks for reading,..

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Braga Street - Bandung

Braga is one of the streets which is popular in the city of Paris Van Java - Bandung. There are many of the streets here well-known by people outside of Bandung. Some of them are Cihampelas, Setiabudhi and Cipaganti. I am keen on now sharing with you all about the Braga Street that I visited few weeks ago. I am sure they are many explanations about it if you do search on Google or any search engine. So, this excerpt is not a totally new piece of information for you – the Bandungers. But, for those who are not really familiar with this town, I think you need to consider this post. Most importantly, you need to pay a visit this street if once you are here. Why? Because if you visit Bandung but don't visit the street,“it's like tasting salt-free-soup”... :)

Braga, to me is a quite awesome name, I don't know for sure. You might think anything anyway. But I just have impression it must be sort of cool. Or at least it's not the same as others. I don't know what language it is though. 15022011(002)

In my shallow knowledge about this city, Braga is one of the heritages that the people of Bandung is quite proud of since there are not lots of sites left. This legacy has been lasting for quite long. It is kept by the people and government of Bandung. One of the ways of government to keep it is by making the street different from others. The government of Bandung placed certain rocks as the surface of the streets. It will for sure give us different sense as others are usually made from asphalt. 

The quite attention-grabbing thing now in Braga areas is the existence of art showrooms and paints seller. If I am not wrong, there are more than 3 art exhibitions spotted there. Unfortunately I don't know for sure the things they exhibit and all things about them since I only stayed there for a while.

The paints shown and sold at Braga are various. To me, the novice-art-appreciator, they all look quite the same. I mean, I have no a good sense or art so it's quite hard to value and differ every single of them. But, one thing for sure, I loved them, that is why I shot them. 15022011(001) 15022011(003)

Well, aside from the arts and historical stuff, there are also cafe, restaurants, convenient stores and pubs at the area. Their presence, what I know, results pro and con in society as it might blur the prior concept to make Braga as the precious historical site and world heritage. This thing has been some sort of confusing to me. In one side they are sometime helpful to the people. But in the other side, they make the site look little bit weird. I mean, it's supposed to be somewhat old and memorable, but it looks modern, too.

All in all, you need to visit this street so you may know the real situation there. Please do share with me if you find beneficial information. Although I've been living in Bandung for years, I know only minuscule thing about this street and the entire city. Keep writing, keep loving Bandung :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night Cruise

Assalamualaikum wr wb,
Back to write!
It was at around 10.30 pm driving from a quite far place from my dorm - Cicaheum to Ledeng. I and some friends drove our motorcycle. The streets we passed by were mostly empty from cars and other vehicles. I just wondered and actually thanked God as we didn't meet traffic jam we pretty much have during the daytime. It was completely different indeed as in the day the streets are crowded. We barely loved that situation.

We hope for the better Bandung and one of the signs is that, less cars or motorbike on the road. But the question is that, is this possible while I personally own that? I then asked myself, am I contributing to the problem of this city? Ok then, I'm going to first try to this situation.

As a Muslim of course we have to obey and follow the rules stated in our Holly Book – the Quran and Sunnah. The Quran says we've got to work and live ourselves as Allah ordains us to do so. Aside from earning some money for life, this action is for sure aimed to make us closer to our God as He has given us one of His Mercies – money. The little issue then appears when we do some mistakes in our efforts, realized or not. We for sure have ever made some wrong doings in our action to find so-called fold-able stuff. We just tend to overlook it or maybe find hard to recall it. To me, polluting the air in this beautiful city is also a mistake I do. But again, I can only entertain myself by talking to the God that this is merely one of my ways to get closer to Him. Then I do hard to make atonement as I think this is the most right thing I can do to deal with mistake I mentioned above, forgive me and other people my Lord, please, amiin.

Talking about making some betterment of this city might not as easy as applying its idea. Tons of brilliant concepts have been made, discussed or proposed to the government. What I can feel and remember so far are the problem of traffic jam and sanitary. I feel these directly as I am an active experiencer. I drive almost everyday and see the dumped trashes at almost all the street's corner.

The solution we have realized (but hard to apply) is that, we limit the number of vehicles and at the same time we provide the mass transporter as soon as possible. Making restriction in the business of automotive is sort of difficult as the city of ours is now in the phase of development – way to far from advanced. It is then sort of forgiven for the developing town or even nations to make some little mistakes. To make it clear we can believe to this statement “How can we chase up or compete with the well-developed ones if we are restricted?” This is what is said by China, Indonesia and India when they are tackled by the developed nations regarding to the global warming. Yes, the nation such as America has been using abundance of energy of the earth, fuel, since long time ago to boost it economy. That is why this country is now leading in industry and trade.

Going back the case of Bandung, no one can deliberately blame the motorbike or car owners when they jamming the road. Yes, they can easily say “I am doing betterment for myself, family and my city. How can I compete with other cities if I don't drive?” Well, I think I am one of them who says this.

The next thing I am trying to highlight is that the mass transporter which is for sure effective. This must be able to comply some requirements I am solely proposing here. First, it has to accommodate as people as it can. Then the fare must be cheaper than if we pay for the gasoline for driving. Third, it must be comfortable and easy to be accessed. The last, the routes and the number of this transporter must suffice the need of all people in this city. The reason for delaying this establishment is terribly bad as the problem will remain and even get worse. The problem mentioned the most is usually the money – investment. Yes, it does need lots of cash to execute this project. Time also matters. Cons from society about this project will might appear as it's human nature, people! But please, keep looking my, Govt! I am sure the investors are not that hard to find. China or countries in middle east are some of the promising investors to be.

Well, I am saying this quite easily as it's simple my coming out from my mind. I just feel I need to share this as the problem is so mind boggling. I simply write this idea as it's been quite awhile not producing piece of writing. This night drive at least nudges me to come back writing. Sleeping time anyway, bye!
Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Sunda nu Simkuring

Di zaman kapungkur, tangtos atos jadi hal anu lumrah di lingkungan masyarakat Parahyangan nyarios atanapi nyerat ngangge basa Sunda. Mung ayeuna mah siga na mah seueur pisan parobahan tiasa ditinggal ku urang. Masyarakat Parahyangan nyaeta urang Jawa Barat sapertos Bandung, Garut, Bogor, Cianjur, Sukabumi, Tasikmalaya, Kuningan, Majalengka, sabagian Cirebon sareng daerah-daerah di sakitarna. Barudak, remaja oge kolot di wilayah Jawa bagian barat ieu ayeuna tos rada jarang ngagunakeun ieu basa, simkuring salah sahijina, ampun Gustiii. Ieu seseratan dina blog oge teu acan tangtos leres atanapi merenah. Tapi simkuring nyobian wae ngahasilkeun hiji tulisan ngangge bahasa Indung nu tos dikenal puluhan taun ka pengker. Faktor (mungking “paktor” da dina basa Sunda mah cenah teu aya “f”) anu nyebabkeun basa Sunda jarang diangge deui siga na mah seueur pisan, ceuk simkuring aya sababaraha hiji diantawisna:

  1. Kolotna teu ngangge basa sunda. Sumuhun weh, maenya murangkalih bade ngangge basa Sunda ari kolot nu janten murangkalih eta henteu? Mangga weh bayangkeun, pasti eta murangkalih moal tiasa nganjantenkeun eta basa bagian tina kabiasaanna sapopoena. Janten nu kedah disalahkeun mimiti nyate kolot-kolot urang. Sok tah nu tos janten kolot sing saladar atuh lah, sing insyap..damai :)

  2. Pangajaran di sakola nu kirang nenkenkeun yen basa Sunda penting. Nu kadua guru sareng sakola sok sing bebenah atuh, cing tambihan jam pangajaran basa Sunda atanapi kabiasaan ngangge basa Sunda dipayuneun siswa urang. Mungkin kirang gampil ninggali urgensi ngangge basa Sunda di sakola, tapi mun di tilik-tilik, memang basa sunda the...penting kumargi urang hirup di tatar Sunda nu ti baheula oge ngannge basa Sunda. Ceuk dina basa Indonesia mah aya paribasa “Dimana bumi dipijak, disitulah langit dijungjung”. Dina basa Inggris oge aya nur kirang langkung “If you are in Rome, live in Roman way”. Dua paribasa eta maksadna urang kedah nganjungjung sareng ngahormati budaya dimana urang cicing. Salah sahijina ngangunakeu basana. Masih bade berkelit? Hm...mugi-mugi sing nyadar....

  3. Masarakat nu tos kacuci otakna ku budaya luar. Leres pisan ieu mah. Lepat sareng bener, gaya sareng henteu, gaul sareng henteu di lingkungan urang tos kapangaruhan ku budaya luar. Ieu tos matri kuat dina otak-otak masyarakat nu hanjakalna otakna kacuci ku bangsa Barat.. Saha? Moal lepat deui nagara Emang Sam sareng Yahudi lah. Teras lamun aya pertanyaan, “naon pentingna ngangge basa Sunda? Pan ayeuna mah tos zaman modern, cekap ku basa nasional sareng basa Inggris weh?” Tah nu kieu jalmi nu kirang “self belonging” tehh. Maksadna, cing atuh sing gaduh sakedik rasa memiliki atanapi kacintaan kana budaya lokal, lamun sanes urang nya rek saha deui? Mungkin kituh Obama, Rihana, Jaz Z atanapi David Cook nu ngagung-ngagung basa Sunda? Moal-moaaaaaaaaaal pisan, dijamiiiin. Idola-idola eta moal mungkiiiin pisan perduli kana basa urang. Urang teu diragukeun deui terlalu ngaidolakeun budaya-budaya luar nu jelas-jelas ngajarkeun nilai-nilai nu teu leres. Simkuring trang-trangkan nyarios yen budaya nu ti nagara Emang Sam tehh seuseurna mah teu leres. Teu percanten? Sesah memang nerangkeunna na. Pokona mah, didinya kedah nyobian heula lah ka nagarana teras cicing minimal samingon lah. Ke uih deui ka Indonesia, bakal ngaraos seueur nu lepat lah. Bakal ngaraos asa barenten. Simkuring terang kumargi tos ngalami, mugi-mugi Allah ngahapunten kalepatan.

    Saleresna mah, nggangge basa Sunda tehh bertujuan ngagali sareng ngingetkeun urang ku perjuangan para pahlawan urang sareng nilai-nilai tatar Sunda nu sae. Mungkin aya oge nu kirang leres tina kacamata Agama, tapi urang kedah pinter-pinter milah sareng milih. Budaya sae atanapi kaarifan lokal tehh bakal ngajadikeun hirup urang tengtrem sareng damai kumargi masyarakat Sunda mah ti baheula oge resep damai, saling ngahormati antar tatangi atanapi pribadina. Saur simkuring mah seueur pisan nu sajalan sareng ajaran agama Islam nu dianut ku simkuring.

Ah...ieu corat-coret tehh..mung salah sahiji cara simkuring ngajungjung basa nu insya Allah bade simkuring lestarikeun nepi ka akhir hayat. Mugi-mugi ieu mangrupakeun ibadah nu ditarima ku Gusti nu maha suci. Hatur nuhun tos muka oge maca ieu blog...Hirup Sunda!!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

My three little Muhammad(s)

The new generation of my big family has now 3 little Muhammad(s). It’s somewhat better as in the past there has never been a son whose name started with Muhammad. Including my name, I thank God still though. Well, this thing might be caused by the lack of knowledge about the Islam in my entire family. Mind you, it almost prevails in almost any family in the country as the people living in suburb have no much access to the information of right knowledge of Islam. The culture still dominates the mind of theirs shown by the mix of religion practice and culture. I am talking the truth that some of people in this country, or even the majority of Muslims are faced by the this confusion. I don’t want to blame anybody moreover the society, I am just trying to share and portray the real situation here in the land of Archipelago. I am proud to be one if its citizen though and I know that I need make some contributions to the country, for the sake of alteration and improvement.

Therefore naming a kid started with Muhammad, to some extent in my big family, it’s kind of betterment anyways. We are just hoping to make things better, religion is one of them. Though it is just a name, we’ve been trying to give the best. And the name of Muhammad is the best as it is the name of our loved Prophet.


Well, here are the snapshots of the 3 little Muhammad(s). All of them are my cousins.


Muhammad Azayaka Al Fath

M Azayaka sofa

He’s the the son of one of my aunties, I gave him this name as auntie asked me to do so. He’s the naughtiest boy ever in my big family. We barely have clue when he’s showing his act. But he’s very smart. I am sure he is. Something strange happened when he was born, I don’t want to share this actually. But hope all readers may take lesson from this that God can do anything. His mister P (man’s most private part) had been sort of (like) circumcised. So, “he does not need to be circumcised”, auntie said. I don’t know though, God must have something with this.


Muhammad Justicia

Justice smiles M Justicia


It is somewhat hard to tell you all in English about the position of his in my big family (due to the limited knowledge of mine in English hehe..). But, he is the son of one of my cousins. I did not give him this name. But I just asked the parents to use the name Muhammad in the beginning as it is for sure a good. Thank God they were willing. Justice, I usually call him so. He is pretty egghead too and masya Allah, so cute. We love playing with him. A baby, as always, make your heart softer in many ways. Believe me, they are precious creatures having no mistake and sins, different from us elderly. We have got many mistakes we must be responsible with them sometime. Hope we can always make atonement at anytime, anywhere, amiin.


Muhammad Ziyan Azka Tsurayya.


M Ziyan wakes up Ziyan


He is the youngest, I think less than 2 months. He is still the son of one of my cousins (another). As he is still a very young baby, I don’t know whether or not he is smart (but I pray)…


I was asked by his parents long time before he was born about the best name both for male and female. But I only gave them the name for female baby, I was really busy then. And the name was Andina Azka Trurayya. It was the best I could give then.

Soon after the baby born, they were shocked by the male baby. Kidding, not that surprised anyway, they just did not prepare the name for the boy.

Thankfully his Grandpa did prepare the name, which was Ziyan. So, the parents just add Ziyan with Muhammad and the last two parts from me. Alhamdulillah…I am praying that those three Muhammad above become the really followers of Muhammad the prophet of Islam. We are aware that we, the prior generation, are not lucky enough of being able to know and apply many Islamic values. But we do hope some betterment in our next generation in our entire family, insha Allah..

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.


NB: It is just a note to quench the longing of mine to them.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rescued by the “Savior”

We pretty much feel pretty mad when things are going not as we like or plan. Complaining about something or blaming other people are the most likely thing we do, right? As an example, you are on the road and slightly bumped by somebody's car or bike. What are you first going to do? Blame the driver or just talk to him or her in a polite and nice way? I think it is very rare if you do the latter. But this is what most Japanese do that in their country. It's been their custom to respect and others. But here, all seems to be the king of the street. Almost everyone drives as his or her own wish. I am somewhat afraid to be counted as that kind of guy anyway.

Well, what I am trying to write now is the misconception we always make when all goes wrong. Wrong in the view of ourselves. Our mind tells us so since we use the common consideration. We mostly use our logic and overlook or forget other sources of consideration base – heart and God's voice. What I call heart is the deepest truth within ourselves. All in all it cannot lie or pretend as it has been made not to be a hypocrisy, in which ourselves basically tend to be.
The first thing do do when facing something goes wrong is that, we look in to ourselves and our heart. Yes I have heard this wisdom and I think it is good to apply, so not purely my idea. Looking to ourselves mean, we ask ourselves what's wrong thing we've done before. Yes this is important that all will go to ourselves. If we've done something which is right we'll pick the good result but if we've done something's bad, we'll be paid by the painful paid. It's like putting mine in the path we're going to walk through, sometime will step on it and boom!!!. It destroys us into pieces, so weak and worth nothing.
Going back to the heart means, all intentions should be of course straightforward and clear. We do goodness does not always mean good if the intention is for hoping something which is not good, example hoping for attention or eliciting praise from someone. So here we've done falsehood the end would not at all be good. We might feel right and glad at the beginning, but in the end all will just make us restless as lie is nothing but resulting decay. It's indeed totally hard to keep the intention. But it totally important, too. So, we've got to spend tons of energies to make it undeviating to God - Allah.
In short, there's always bright side of anything. Don't look bad when things go wrong to us. Just look at ourselves and and our heart first. What have done? It must be because of our act done previously. God might be reminding us when things go wrong. God might be rescuing us when our hope and wish don't come true. He knows the best for all of us but we are often unaware with this. Well, I teach nobody but me with this piece of writing. Many thanks for paying a visit at this page.