Friday, August 20, 2010

8th day of Ramadan

Still remember the time at elementary school? Maybe not all you do remember it. Well, what about the time when Ramadan came? I think you do. School which was represented by our teachers always gave us a book called “Ramadan Book”.

On that book, all students should fill all activities they did on the basis of daily. It started from compulsory prayer, taraweeh, quran recitation, zakat and so on. And remember, after filling each page we then needed to ask our parents to sign that – legalizing that we didn't make any intelligent lie to the school. This habit lasted till I went to senior high school. Yet, I don't know about today. What do you think about this sort of book? Why can't we find this kind of thing at universities or colleges? I mean it's probably a good idea to prevail a quite similar thing at a higher level of education. We just then need to adjust the contain and some parts. Hm...what I'm going to share here is not about the Ramadan book.

Well, I was just impressed by scores of students at DT mosque bringing and filling this kind of kind-book. I think they are must be SMK students or the students who take a short Islamic class or learning at the pesantren area. What I'm outlining here is probably the same as what they wrote on their Ramadan book. At that evening, the speech person was Professor Miftah Farid. He's known as a popular ustadz in Bandung and West Java. He spoke about the dua or supplication.

Professor Miftah emphasized the supplication in Ramadan as in this month Allah will surely grant or approve the prayer. Ramadan is the only one of the 12 moths in which Allah is even more generous to those who make prayer. However Allah always accepts the prayer of the believer. It is just the matter time. If a dua is not granted in this world life, then Allah will definitely give it to us as our saving in the hereafter.

Pak Miftah also said that one of the differences between a good person and not is that, the good man will always ask for anything he wants to Allah. While the bad always doesn't want to since he probably doesn't really need that. In fact, every person is lack of at least something so that we should always make prayer. Go boasting of something is always unfavorable in Allah's view. Allah loves those who ask through supplication and hates those who don't. But of course dua should be accompanied by effort. Dua and effort should go along till Allah let them meet in an intersection.

Another thing that I had just knew by then was the term Tawasul. Once my mom ever told me this, but I didn't really care about it. Tawasul is kind of intermediary of dua. Pak Miftah mentioned 3 things of Tawasul. They are :
1.Before making dua, we first make good deeds, say shalawat, praises Allah.
2.Use Allah's names before making dua. You must have known Asmaul husna, right? We then pick some or all of them to refer to Allah's names.
3.Ask someone to make dua for us. We may ask an ulama, ustadz or a pious person.

The best month to make dua is undoubtedly in Ramadan. So in this month we really have to make as much dua as we can. Let's ask Allah our prayer. Let's let Allah hear our dua. Besides, we need to be aware that in making dua, our money, our clothing and everything attached to us should be good (halal). Allah will never grant someone's dua if he's wearing haram thing. After clearing everything, we then must be sure that Allah will grant our dua, either here or there.

Thank you.

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