Monday, February 16, 2009

"Tucson meet your self"

"Tucson Meet Your self" is an annual event held by the government of Tucson to strengthen relationship among Tucsonian and other people from around the world who stay in Tucson. In this event we can see art performances and buy many dishes from many countries. Since there are many foods sold there, this event is often called "Tucson Eat Yourself" as we can eat many delicacies food. We can find food from Mexico (I forget the name), from Turkey like kebab, Japan like sushi, and many others. Unfortunately I did not find any food from Indonesia, it is because only few Indonesians live in Tucson. I have got a great dream to kick off business by opening "warung Tegal" or "warung nasi Padang" in Tucson, that's cool, isn't that? May God make my dream comes true, amiin.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's such a memorable experience when I became a reporter to interview the guests from Asia and Europe. The event namely ASEM (Asia Europe Meeting). The person I interviewed here is a French, but I forget his name.
This event is held annually and last year (2008) was held in Indonesia. The participants came to Bandung from Europe and Asia to share their understanding about interfaith and religion. Aa Gym is one of the speakers who talked to them, Aa is a strong religion figure in this country so that he was invited to give speech. Aa performed quite well explanation about Islam even though in quite simple English. I realize that the reason I learn English and other languages must be based on the noble intention, yeah it's true, I should learn as many languages as to do dakwah and for the sake of Allah, by mastering in many languages we will be able to explain to many people about the peace and beauty of Islam, insya Allah.
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It's a human if we feel bored with our routine activities. What I usually do when I've got the boredom is to have refreshing. I really like sports, yet we must considerably think what kind of sport fits us. If we don't want to spend a lot of dough, we can do jogging like the picture I have here. You only spend little money obviously, it is just to pay the entrance ticket to the stadium or jogging arena, fortunately my campus has very big and pretty good sport facilities for us students, so what I need to do just go there regularly, once or twice a week. The importance of sport is that we can feel fresher both body and soul. If we do it regularly, we'll have healthier body and sharper mind. So let's do sport regularly!
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wild cat campus "UofA"

"Neat, tidy, clean and beautiful campus". Those what I can say about the University of Arizona. I studied there for two months, it is too short actually, yet, I could feel and experience much better campus than our campuses here in Indonesia. UofA (University of Arizona) is well-managed by its staffs and management so that I did not find rubbish, squiggle, or pamphlets like we usually see at campuses in Indonesia, at least the campuses where I have ever visited. Hopefully I can make my campus equal with the world class campus like UofA, is it possible? Keep loving our campus guys!

Main Gate village

This is the picture when I was in Tucson. I am not really sure whether my friend snapped this photo when we went back home from school, or when we finished having ifthar at Islamic Center of Tucson, I'll remember it always. Thanks Allah!