Saturday, August 28, 2010

16th day of Ramadan

Last night I did go to DT mosque and prayed isha there, but I didn't attend the speech session. Instead I had a weekly gathering with some friends of mine at different mosque. So, I here would like to document the result of our gathering.

The meeting was started at 8.40 pm and we began it by eating fried-foods and kolak. Some of us read Quran, chatted and some just listened to the recitation. We then gathered and listened up to the sharing delivered by someone. He is a friend of mine from psychology department. He told us the history of dakwah of our prophet. The speech was about the phases in which our prophet took part in doing dakwah in Mecca, Thaif, Habasyah, Medina and out of Arabia. Our prophet started the dakwah in 3 phases : the furtive phase in Mecca, obvious phase in Mecca and the phase outside of Mecca in which Islam gained more support from people.

Our prophet was against by many people in Mecca as he brought new teaching saying the worshiping statue or pagans was wrong. He was accused for breaking family relationship between husband and wife, children and parents and so forth. Abu Lahab and his wife were two of those who against our prophet the most. They always tried to hurt the prophet by setting trap and else. Allah curses the Abu Lahab and his wife as in the Quran says “Tabatcyadaa abillahabiwwatab...” etc. Even so however our prophet never gave up and he kept his head up to carry on the dakwah duty on his shoulders.

Thing we could learn from this story is, we Muslims need to remind to each other that doing dakwah is not easy but we can never give up. We do dakwah by being good people that worship only Allah. A good person in Islam is the one who shares with other, gives to others, becomes the good figure for the society, and fully able to give benefit to society. I think this is the culmination of someone's attainment. Being rich, smart, popular, respected is nothing if we cannot be a good follower of our prophet.

The essence of learning a history is we need to look back and take lesson from the past so that we'll be able to make betterment for our present and future. By knowing the struggle of our prophet, hopefully we'll be motivated to do dakwah ; spread peace, give benefit to society and of course worship merely to Allah.

Hope you find this note useful.

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