Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11th day of Ramadan

On that day I didn't go to the mosque or listen to the radio speech. So I just want to share with you a prayer from Ali bin Abi Thalib. I have ever heard Aa's saying says Ali ask for three things in his prayer:
“Ya Allah jadikan aku mahluk terbaik dalam pandanganMu”
“Ya Allah jadikan aku mahluk terburuk dalam pandanganku”
“Ya Allah jadikan aku mahluk yang biasa-bisa saja dalam pandangan manusia dan mahlukMu”

It was quite hard to understand that prayer, but lately I started to understand quite much. In English this prayer more or less says :
“Oh my Lord, please let me be the best person in the view of Yours”
“Oh my Lord, please let be the worst person in the view of mine”
“Oh my Lord, pelase just let me be the ordinary person in the view of other people”.

The essence of this prayer is sort of clear now. I begin to realize that the meaning of the first, second and the third downstream to the so-called Tauhiid – the oneness of Allah. Here is the explanation.

It is totally clear that if we want to be the best in Allah's side, it means we are eager only to get closer to Him and be with Him all times. The essence of tauhiid is that we never rely on anything except God – Allah. Our effort, prayer, worship and anything we do in this world are for the sake of Him.

The second point of the dua above is that, we always try hard to improve ourselves to be a better persons day by dsay. It happens as we think we are nothing. We've got many flaws so that we have to always make some efforts to bend all weaknesses of ours.

The third point is that, it's just enough for us to be seen as ordinary people instead of extraordinary in the view of humans. It won't make us feel boastful and we indeed don't need to been seen as good, smart or generous people by other people. What we need to do is to be serious in reaching those degree. That's all.

As I outlined before, the kernel of Ali's prayer is tauhiid that made him closer to Allah. Allah is indeed Ali's first goal. And I think we need to learn from Ali. Wallahualam....

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