Monday, January 27, 2014

One Day One Juz (ODOJ)

As a Muslim, it is my obligation to read my holy book – Al-Quran. Reading Quran is one of the ways we can do to get the safaat (help) in the day of hisab (the day when our good deeds and bad deeds are measured). And yet reading Quran often be the thing we feel hard to do. Especially when we should read as many as one or two juz. One juz is approximately 20 pages and if we read Quran one juz per day, we can finish reading it in one month. One thing to that might make you and me persistent in reading quran is by joining a program called ODOJ. What is ODOJ?

ODOJ (stands for One Day One Juz) is basically a program of reciting holy Quran (wherever you are) in a regular basis and it is facilitated via WhatsApp. I think I need not to tell anyone about WhatsApp here as you might have heard the popularity of it. In a simple way, ODOJ is a group of WhatsApp consisting of 30 members and one administrator. If all members (the 30 people) can read one juz per day, that means this group has finished reading the whole Quran on that day (we call it khatam). Awesome isn't it? Moreover, if all members of the group again keep reading it for 30 days, every single of them has finished reading the whole quran in one month. It's super cool idea! Currently, there are around 1300 female groups and 600 male groups of ODOJ (female and male are separated). The numbers are growing!

The administrator is the one who invites the 30 people and motivates them. The administrator is basically also a member of the ODOJ group, but the prior one and he is deemed a senior. So he or she also does read the Quran. The ODOJ members-to-be have to register through a website (‎) before they can join the group. It is nice that we can get 30 new friends via WhatsApp and all of them have the same vision – khatam the Quran.

As in WhatsApps there are many cool icons, we could find entertainment while we make endeavor to finish a juz. As an example, when you have finished one juz, your name will be listed and given icon 100 or checklist. But if you haven't finished reading (on progress), your name will be given zero. If you are the very first one finished reading one juz, you will be rewarded with a super icon (such as a helicopter or train). We don't expect it though, it is just hilarious and fun!

Often the case, we human really need good friends in order to be good people. Environment is so much important. We also sometimes feel motivated when others can do better thing than us. This is the fundamental of ODOJ program which is designed by someone I didn't really know. But he is graduated from the same university as mine (UPI Bandung). I thank him very much. May Allah love you.
At ODOJ we feel all of us are brothers as we can motivate to each other to finish reading the Quran (one Juz). It is the biggest happiness and a sublime attainment of ours if every single of us could finish reading one juz per day. Due to our worldly activities, we sometimes finished reading it at late night. And yet all of us often feel really unspoken bliss, indeed.

Muslims are indeed the ones who should really take benefits of every technology advancement, regardless who the inventor is. This technology invention should make our good deeds increase. Here I would like to thank WhatsApp for making a cool app, thanks to Google for making Android and makes it popular, thanks to Sony Xperia, Samsung and all phone manufactures for making the phones more and more affordable so that anyone can buy, thanks to governments and all telephone carriers around the globe for providing Internet connection. All of you have made our goal attained! All of you have facilitated us in conducting our duty as Muslims (reading our noble Quran). May Allah keep our intention pure, Only for Him.
I hope you can join ODOJ, too.