Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Lecturer's roles

When I was a kid, I never had intention to be like me today in terms of profession. It was when I attended high school I started to like teaching or facilitating. It started when I became the chief of Palang Merah Remaja and Electro at my school. Back then, I sometimes delivered material to my juniors in front of class and on the field. Now, I am a lecturer or university instructor. Indeed, it is Allah who has the plan, not mine.

Being lecturer or teacher is indeed a life’s choice. There are some people who have a dream to be like that but there are some people who don’t dream to be. I am grateful to be it anyway.

In Indonesia, lecturers have three types of task, namely; teaching, researching and performing community services. I don’t think that every country applies the same thing. Some countries might only regulate lecturers to do teaching and researching. It is so great that lecturers here are demanded to perform community services.

Last month, I went to Majalengka every week to oversee and guide 40 students taking the subject of KKNM. This subject lets the students live the real one and apply their knowledge in society. Asides, they surely could learn many beneficial lessons from society. This subject is mandatory and each student must pass it. They lived in Majalengka for about 30 days, mingling with local people. They did some activities such as helping village government in socializing the village’s programs. They also helped people by teaching at schools or supporting local youngsters at Karang Taruna (village organization for young people).

The picture shown above is taken when I and my colleague, Mr. Wardhana, have just delivered material regarding financial management for small education institution such as PAUD, village government and even individual. It was just great that we could do this with the help of KKNM students. One thing for us to ponder over is, we academician must apply anything we’ve learned for the betterment of our society, wherever we are. Let’s improve our society!