Friday, December 14, 2012

The Purpose of Life

The people who are really stupid living on earth are those who don't know their reason of life. In another word that they don't know the mission and vision in life. Thankfully we all Muslims have already the vision that is the Allah's blessing and paradise – jannah. About the mission, we all just need to worship God by following the person sent by Allah as an example.

He is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Yes, the mission is to simply follow him in whatever role we have. We might be a teacher so please follow him as the Prophet Muhammad was also the teacher for his companions and ummahs. If we are soldiers just follow him as the Prophet Muhammad was also the soldier, even the highest general at war. He was also the son, husband, businessman, president, leader and so forth. We both women and men indeed just need to follow him. Another thing that is also important is that, Prophet Muhammad was an preacher, in my word he was “an caller to the good”. He put people's importance above his. He pretty much served his ummah and was not selfish paying attention much on himself. I mean he really loved his Ummah and was never exaggerating himself to satisfy his needs or wish or desire, in which we now tend to do.

The importance of calling people to the good (based on Quran and sunnah) is less realized by us, now. This can also be called as dakwah. Why dakwah or inviting people to the good is important? Well, one of my teachers said that dakwah is the job or profession of prophets – the most noble persons on earth, the loved ones by God. So if we pick dakwah as our job, that means we do something that the most noble persons did in the past. Simple isn't it? Well it is not that simple since if we are committed to doing dakwah, we have to learn extra hard about Islam and about the Prophet himself. This real struggle is counted as jihad and some examples are to learn at Islamic School, read sirah book, joining a mentoring, bettering the Qur'an recitation and so on. These all can be done if we have strength and faith in we which are now pursuing for.

The purpose of our lives is not to be an alay (fragile, weak and exaggerate person). In fact, our purpose is to simply want to be noble persons, this means be people who do the job of prophets – dakwah, serving ummah. This is the purpose of Muslims in life, wallahualam!