Sunday, August 15, 2010

4th day of Ramadan

Today was the first time driving again a motorbike for a quite far distance - Cisewu to Bandung (around 90 km). It's been so long no to ride it, so I very much needed a lot of adjustment and adaptation in myself. Alhamdulillah everything went quite well. Soon after I arrived in Bandung I directly went to Daarut Tauhiid mosque. I went parking and had dzuhur prayer at the mosque. I was not alone – accompanied by one of my cousins. Riding the motorbike, he headed my dorm as he badly needed to take a rest, he told me so.

After reading some pages of Al quran at the mosque, I then joined the English club of mine, as always. I talked and shared with about 13 members there. Afterward I got breakfast and performed maghrib prayer. For taraweeh did it at Nurul Huda mosque situated near to my lodging house as I was quite tired to perform it at DT mosque. The speech person was someone that is very familiar to me but I didn't know his name. It's terribly poor I didn't hear his name at the accoutrement.

The topic he said was still about Ramadan. Ramadan is the month for us to drill and exercise. Allah compensates and motivates those who fast with tons of rewards – unbelievably great rewards, you've got to believe though. The sunnah prayer has the similar reward to the wajib ones, and the compulsory ones of course are multiplied.

Something that impressed me so much was the question, “are we sure we'll be able to meet Ramadan next year?” well, it tugged me anyways. From this statement I could say that we must do our bestest in this Ramadan this year since there is no one can guarantee we will be still alive until next year. This is the point of tonight taraweeh speech. Hope we can take something.
Thank you.

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Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

Reuninya, rame! Munggahan Kmrin, Reni belum dpt kesempatan pulang.