Sunday, August 15, 2010

2nd day of Ramadan

It's the second day of Ramadan and I still here at my little town – gratifying all things given to me and family. A new and big thing happened, mada doumo arigatou kamisama.

Well, as I mentioned to you in the last post, it's my commitment to post the summary of Taraweeh kultum. The speech person yesterday was the religion teacher of mine at senior high school. His name is Agus Badrusalam and last night he spoke about “Islam is my Religion”.

The speech was quite touching and I found some similarities to what Aa Gym has every told me in his speech. I mean I have ever heard Aa's said the message in Pak Agus speech.

Pak Agus told us that in Ramadan we've got to accelerate our effort in a way of getting closer to Allah. It is true that all people benefit from this month – the sellers, drivers and all profession regardless to their believes. But since this is this is an extraordinary special month, we have to make sort of betterment plans.

He told us that Islam is such perfect religion regulating all things. All has been mentioned in the Quran so that we have to be able to maintain reading it in a regular basis. Shaum in Ramadan is a part of His teaching supposed to make us become more taqwa, shalih and faithful persons, it is mentioned in the Quran, too.
Thank you.

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