Sunday, April 5, 2009

“Eat Pray Love”

This book is written by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was firstly impressed by this book when someone suggested me to read it. I don’t know her name, yet, she were successful in convincing me to buy and recite it. Besides, I really like the title and cover which are very unique in my view. I met her (the one who suggested me) when I went back home from United States. She and her husband are American and they were in an arranged-vacation to Thailand then. I had a brief talk with her when we waited the flight at Narita Airport Japan, our next destination then was Bangkok. She talked to me enthusiastically since she knew that I am an Indonesian, and in that book, Indonesia is mentioned a lot as it is the third county which is visited by Elizabeth Gilbert. Ok, the story of that book is about the experiences of the author in pursuing the happiness, therefore she went traveling around the world, not around the globe actually, yeah, she (Elizabeth Gilbert) only visited three countries; there are Italy, India, and Indonesia. Do you want to know the full story of it? Just head off down the nearest bookstore or find it at library, I am very much sure you can find it. It is a nice book, really. Move on and get it!