Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Braga Street - Bandung

Braga is one of the streets which is popular in the city of Paris Van Java - Bandung. There are many of the streets here well-known by people outside of Bandung. Some of them are Cihampelas, Setiabudhi and Cipaganti. I am keen on now sharing with you all about the Braga Street that I visited few weeks ago. I am sure they are many explanations about it if you do search on Google or any search engine. So, this excerpt is not a totally new piece of information for you – the Bandungers. But, for those who are not really familiar with this town, I think you need to consider this post. Most importantly, you need to pay a visit this street if once you are here. Why? Because if you visit Bandung but don't visit the street,“it's like tasting salt-free-soup”... :)

Braga, to me is a quite awesome name, I don't know for sure. You might think anything anyway. But I just have impression it must be sort of cool. Or at least it's not the same as others. I don't know what language it is though. 15022011(002)

In my shallow knowledge about this city, Braga is one of the heritages that the people of Bandung is quite proud of since there are not lots of sites left. This legacy has been lasting for quite long. It is kept by the people and government of Bandung. One of the ways of government to keep it is by making the street different from others. The government of Bandung placed certain rocks as the surface of the streets. It will for sure give us different sense as others are usually made from asphalt. 

The quite attention-grabbing thing now in Braga areas is the existence of art showrooms and paints seller. If I am not wrong, there are more than 3 art exhibitions spotted there. Unfortunately I don't know for sure the things they exhibit and all things about them since I only stayed there for a while.

The paints shown and sold at Braga are various. To me, the novice-art-appreciator, they all look quite the same. I mean, I have no a good sense or art so it's quite hard to value and differ every single of them. But, one thing for sure, I loved them, that is why I shot them. 15022011(001) 15022011(003)

Well, aside from the arts and historical stuff, there are also cafe, restaurants, convenient stores and pubs at the area. Their presence, what I know, results pro and con in society as it might blur the prior concept to make Braga as the precious historical site and world heritage. This thing has been some sort of confusing to me. In one side they are sometime helpful to the people. But in the other side, they make the site look little bit weird. I mean, it's supposed to be somewhat old and memorable, but it looks modern, too.

All in all, you need to visit this street so you may know the real situation there. Please do share with me if you find beneficial information. Although I've been living in Bandung for years, I know only minuscule thing about this street and the entire city. Keep writing, keep loving Bandung :)

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