Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A pal's story

A friend of mine paid a visit to my dorm today. He's my associate from management department. Due to running some businesses for him and family, he has not graduated yet so he sometimes asked me about the paper writing process and such. I also have little business with him so we can be sort of called business partner anyway.

A nice story from our chat this afternoon is about his losing thing. He used to so much love the phone he owned till Allah made it disappear some day – stolen. What is interesting to me is that the way it's stolen. He is someone who, to my personal opinion, really meticulous in caring his things. But at that moment, he remarked that he was not that careful busied by phone ringing and listening to some music. The accident happened when he was in the bus and the stealer was sitting near to him. The stealer acted so weirdly that my friend notice it with ease.

But Allah was willing then so his loved-phone thieved. He realized that the phone was stolen when he got down from the bus. Soon after he ran after the culprit but he couldn't manage.

Thankfully he realized that the phone was just a thing. It is mandated by Allah for us to take care of. Allah can anytime take it away from us. Even the most loved-thing. A lesson from this accident is that, we can never love anything too much. Just in a mediocre as Allah is the truly owner, not us.

A cellphone, laptop or anything is just a thing that is supposed to ease our lives and make ourself closer to Allah. Those two points are the things we pretty much forget about. From now on, we may ask ourselves, “Does our cellphone make us closer to Allah and make ourself better?” If no, that means we are not able to fully understand its existence. We are not able to really know its function for our lives.

Hope we can always learn good thing from all things happen around us, amiin.

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Adam Nugraha said...

butuh kerja keras ni buat baca blog nya egie,english smua mua,heu..