Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cileunca Drought

Cileunca lake is located in Pangalengan. It is about 50 km from Bandung. You go south to get here. This lake is functioned as power plant. Aside, this is also a good site for you for recreation. Whitewater rafting is also provided at one of its rivers. People also get benefit for watering their farms. 

Due to the long dry season, the volume of water decreases quite substantially. I have just realized that the lake is shallow. Still, this rare phenomena gives benefit to to people to play, catch fish and so forth. Here are some snapshots of Cilenuca lake I took few days ago.




Waterwheel has shortage of water to generate electricity.

 13102011(002)  13102011

People are fishing and catching fish.

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i k a h said...

have been there! it was wonderful, looks odd in dry season.
it's said we can do rafting there but wondering in which side it is.