Saturday, November 12, 2011


Many of the people living in the big cities want their children get the best education. And yet, the better education, the higher cost they must pay. This seems not a problem for affluent families anyway. But for most Indonesian it is indeed a very big deal.

School starts from pre-school till higher education such as doctorate degree. The tuition spent by each person varies depending on where he studies and from what level of economy he comes from. Private schools are often more expensive and unfordable for most Indonesian citizen, yet they provide more extensive and far better quality in the teaching. It allows the students attain much knowledge and get chance to the splendid world in terms of job.

The problem of education has been the concern of government. My govt. launches scholarship program for those who cannot afford the tuition but want to continue the study. I am one of the getters and now taking master degree at Padjadjaran University. The scholarship program is also given by foreign institution or countries. Just google to get one.

Either you get study by scholarship or by money from your parent, you can always get the finest result! The best school or university has indeed a plus, but all in all it is you who determine the future. In the end, there’s nothing to do with the prestige’s school.
I wish you a beautiful future!

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