Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rescued by the “Savior”

We pretty much feel pretty mad when things are going not as we like or plan. Complaining about something or blaming other people are the most likely thing we do, right? As an example, you are on the road and slightly bumped by somebody's car or bike. What are you first going to do? Blame the driver or just talk to him or her in a polite and nice way? I think it is very rare if you do the latter. But this is what most Japanese do that in their country. It's been their custom to respect and others. But here, all seems to be the king of the street. Almost everyone drives as his or her own wish. I am somewhat afraid to be counted as that kind of guy anyway.

Well, what I am trying to write now is the misconception we always make when all goes wrong. Wrong in the view of ourselves. Our mind tells us so since we use the common consideration. We mostly use our logic and overlook or forget other sources of consideration base – heart and God's voice. What I call heart is the deepest truth within ourselves. All in all it cannot lie or pretend as it has been made not to be a hypocrisy, in which ourselves basically tend to be.
The first thing do do when facing something goes wrong is that, we look in to ourselves and our heart. Yes I have heard this wisdom and I think it is good to apply, so not purely my idea. Looking to ourselves mean, we ask ourselves what's wrong thing we've done before. Yes this is important that all will go to ourselves. If we've done something which is right we'll pick the good result but if we've done something's bad, we'll be paid by the painful paid. It's like putting mine in the path we're going to walk through, sometime will step on it and boom!!!. It destroys us into pieces, so weak and worth nothing.
Going back to the heart means, all intentions should be of course straightforward and clear. We do goodness does not always mean good if the intention is for hoping something which is not good, example hoping for attention or eliciting praise from someone. So here we've done falsehood the end would not at all be good. We might feel right and glad at the beginning, but in the end all will just make us restless as lie is nothing but resulting decay. It's indeed totally hard to keep the intention. But it totally important, too. So, we've got to spend tons of energies to make it undeviating to God - Allah.
In short, there's always bright side of anything. Don't look bad when things go wrong to us. Just look at ourselves and and our heart first. What have done? It must be because of our act done previously. God might be reminding us when things go wrong. God might be rescuing us when our hope and wish don't come true. He knows the best for all of us but we are often unaware with this. Well, I teach nobody but me with this piece of writing. Many thanks for paying a visit at this page.

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