Monday, September 26, 2011

Kids are amazing!

Everyone must have for sure a period in his life which he or she felt so much joyous, no burdens, no targets, no works. Everything is all about fun, playing at parks and laughing! Yes it’s when we were all kids. The kids that I mean here can be called as people whose ages range from 3-12 years old.

Within that period of time, we grew bit by bit to be the ones who are like now. Our parents, neighbors, schools, friends are all influential to ourselves. We now are what we have been nurtured by them since we were little.


The picture above is a 6-year old girl poses for a picture after Eid Al Fitr Prayers in Bucharest, Romania. It’s pretty much tranquilizing seeing the innocent smile of a kid. Miri, on the picture, expresses the real smile in which we adult persons rare to have it. I acknowledge that we tend to smile with some sort of meaning – to get someone’s attention or praise. Well, I just think that the older we become, the harder we feel to live as what we are supposed to be. Lots of artificial things we make in our daily life, moreover before the public. But they, kids, they can never lie to us. Or at least we will know if they really make an untrue expression.


Being someone living with kids is really something. It was one of my greatest experiences to be a teacher at primary school teaching kids about sciences, languages, arts, quran reading and so forth. The school I’ve been to is Sekolah Bintang Madani. It is located at Jl. Terusan Pesantren 102 Arcamanik Bandung.

The school let me immerse with supper cool and exceptional children. As a teaching assistant, I taught kids at 2nd grade then latter become the homeroom teacher form 3 graders for just few weeks. As I am now taking college (again), I left those cute kids, longing for them!


To be honest, we have to be jealous to the kids. Why? To answer this, I had a very good parable or something. Picture this, the big calamity strikes our town, let's say a big meteor hits the city. All citizen pass away.  You, me and everyone dies. And so the kids. To my understanding, God in hereafter will ask every single of us and kids are exception! They will directly go to heaven! Hm…this what makes me so jealous ladies and gentlemen.


Well, I’ve got others snapshots of kids whom I taught at school! Here they are:

07062011(017) 18072011(018) Sava Widuri


Here are some more:


Hm…you will never be able to be as happy as them now! Kidding. I just I thank God a lot for letting me be the one who is able to be with them. I am felling so lucky!


Kids cannot make any lie, unless you teach them!

Kids cannot hurt you, unless you hurt them first!

Kids cannot be really mad at you, even if you mad at them!

Kids won’t be ignorant, if you teach them the truth!

The most important one, kids cannot make any mistake and sin, in which we do!

Kids are amazing!!!


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