Friday, November 18, 2011


Everyone who is concerned about English will always be needed to master grammar. Grammar, what is grammar? Well, it is kind of rule we use in dealing with language, I am sure every language has it. Grammar is indeed a very big deal for those who, in this time I would call, English learners since the degree of mastery of English can one be indicated or identified by grammatical usage in speaking and writing, in which they are called as active learning. Learning Grammar in order that we are able to speak and write in English correctly has always been a critical issue, at least for some (read most) people I met so far. Many of us are doubt in speaking or have lack of confidence due to the poor grammatical skill we have. Some of them, even English students at college, barely have strong faith within themselves to really practice English in a very correct in terms of grammar, in a way that they are supposed to do. In a word, grammar is something we tend to ignore or to be afraid of. Well, is it true that grammar is that scary?

One of the ways to master English grammar is to learn it in a regular basis and in an automatic way. Reading book or taking a course can be a very brilliant idea. But what I meant by automatic way is that, we don’t have to be really aware that we are learning, as example by reading book. Learning grammar must be lots of fun but what we have experienced so far, might be always boring since we were perplexed by long, not easy to understand formulas. Yes, this is what I did experience during my most English learning at classes. So, I was personally fond of getting to master grammar by not even knowing what grammar really was. I never learned or remember too hard about the formula and the name of the tenses. When your brain tries hard to remember the sentence “Present Perfect” for example, it then uses some energies of yours. As a fact, you have no more energy to really learn or master the grammar itself. Being confused by the name, never try to remember it, trust me!

So what did I do then? Well, I just read the book - trying to figure out the content, then gave the comment or thought of mine regarding to the book’s content. Grammar? I left it behind quite far somewhere I didn’t really care. By doing this kind of thing quite often, unconsciously I know which one is wrong and which one is correct. My sense tells me that this is wrong and that the proper one is blah..blah…

I’ve been learning this kind of method for about 10 years or so, since I was at first grade senior high school obviously. Of course, this thing might won’t work for everyone. I am not English graduate. And I am sure that on this planet, there is only few of us who are so-called English students or English graduates. But almost of us need to learn English and have a considerably good skill and understanding in speaking, writing in English. I am not saying that the writing of mine here is perfect – flawless. Indeed, I just wrote what I had in mind in to scatter out the hesitancy of ours in learning English grammar. If your are English students or graduates, of course you might be not allowed to do the same as I did, you guys need to know the terms and such and such.

So, learning grammar at its best, for you non English students or graduate, is not by first remembering the names, don’t fill your tiny brain with such less important stuffs. Instead, keep learning and enjoy the process of English learning. Question, how to find pleasure when learning English? I’ll answer this query in the forthcoming note. Learning grammar in an automatic way will become so easy for you. If you did it, English grammar will be so piece of cake like the way you ride the automatic scooter. So, grammar mastery is automatic, too!

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