Saturday, November 12, 2011

You Need a Mentor

A person can never live alone. As social being we always be around people - getting involve with them. Yet we have also goal as an individual, maybe to be a professional teacher, doctor, successful entrepreneur or whatever. Or maybe you want to be an professional in sport? One of they ways to get that done is to have a mentor in our lives.

Yes a mentor is a person who supports, coaches us for a continuous time. We cannot just be taught for a period of time. For the best result the process of this organized informal education should be taken seriously to boost up our skill in whatsoever field we want, an of course in our entire live for sure.
A boxer can never be a champion without a coach, a special coach who drills him hard and professionally. A professional motivator such as Tung Dasem Waringin acknowledge that he has some mentors teaching him a lot of knowledge. A mentor has much more experience, skill, power and calmness to teach someone under his age. So, basically we need an older person to teach us everything. Alone? The result will be just immaculate, you won’t get any spectacular result for an auto learning (without a teacher).
So, are you a freshman? Want to be a superb student? Trust me, you need a mentor. The process of mentoring usually held once a week or more. Ask your senior that you are eager for joining mentoring. An amazing you awaits!

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