Sunday, July 24, 2011

The New and Fresh DT mosque

I've ever written a post about the mosque of DT. And here is the second one.
The mosque of DT has now been repaired. Yesterday (Jul 23), it was sort of celebrated (read: formally launched) to the public. This new mosque can be finally repaired and improved so that it can now accommodate much more people than before. Aa Gym said 3000 persons can be in the mosque at the same time.

Well, here some snapshots of the mosque.




You may directly pay a visit here, it's really awesome and tranquilizing at night. In Ramadan, there're always people staying for itikaf... Hope the committee can always make betterment to the mosque, hope we can make the mosque lively by doing good deeds. Don’t forget to give some donations for the mosque improvement. This mosque is built from the money of jamaah. So, your little contribution means big, moreover the big one. Let’s donate. For more detail, please get on this link


Thanks for reading.

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i k a h said...

love DT more n more,
It will be more lovely n lively in Ramadhan.