Saturday, November 26, 2011

Status quo, no!

Everyone indeed evolves, but not everyone realizes that he or she has evolved. Evolving can be in any way either good or bad way. Here of course I am talking about the good one within me and I hope within yourselves, I encourage the strangers to share with me here.

I am a college student and almost everyday (as it is supposed to be) I learn by reading, listening or observing things that I encounter in my life. I call them all as mean for me to evolve. To me, realizing that we have evolved is important since we will always think, act and behave differently (supposed to be better). The essence of changing the way we think, acting and behaving is improvement itself. These are the very noticeable measurement of us in the present time compared to the past. And yet, the improvement and changing in a very dramatic way will be perceived not similarly by people around us, especially by the closest friends, families or spouse (if you have). They might think that you are stranger or whatsoever they never thought before, they might hate you. This massive change can be called as evolution or maybe revolution within you. I personally love to be evolving myself toward the better one, as this is what I understand in the teaching of my religion – islam. What in yours? But, not that extreme anyways.

A trap that will be faced by those to have committed to improving themselves in a radical way is that the bad perception from other people. But it’s not solely that, the sense of pride obviously felt by them also jeopardizes themselves. So, keeping a sincere intention to change is so much inevitable, the very 1st thing must-have beforehand.

Changing in the way we speak, write, or act is visible more frankly to those who are closest to us because they see us quite often and have known quite well. I have been writing on this blog for almost 3 years and I realize that the topics I pick have changed, the way I use certain words also changes. And so the openness or expressiveness in writing. The only reason I decided to publish writing and make a blog is to drill my writing skill in English. Unconsciously I thought I have touched something quite far from that – expressing my ideas. Yes, you may see some of my ideas and philosophy, at least you can value and judge me in ease, for some it’ll be hard still.

All in all, writing on a blog has to benefit me and other people. Yes I have gotten benefit since I can practice my writing and gauge the improvement, I laughed sometimes when I read my past posts. Nonetheless I won’t delete them as I think it’s a good stuff to measure me. So to me now, blog is one of the measurement instrument to know how much you have changed toward the better ones. So, I urge you to keep writing on blog of yours, or if you haven’t got it, make one. It’s free!
Happy measuring yourselves!!!

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