Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dangerously Beautiful


This what might be quite representative for describing the town of Cisewu as well as the roads toward this place. That what I have in mind inspired by the journey going back and fro to Cisewu.  15012011(007)

The first thing I acknowledge about my hometown is that, it is not a big town, advanced, nor familiar in the regency of Garut. What makes so is that, Cisewu lies among the borders of Pangalengan (Bandung regency), Cidaun (Cianjur regency) and the of course Garut regency. Due to the extremely far distance from Garut (regency's capital), I feel I am not comfortable to be told as an Garutnese. I thought so because we share very little similarity with those who live in Garut. The city of Garut is quite popular for its sheep, leather jacket, oranges, dodol, batik and so forth. But here in Cisewu (one of Garut's districts), you will not find any of them with so much ease. Just very few are available.

Something that keeps me proud of being a Cisewuan is that, I feel we are here lack behind most of districts in Garut that is why we need to study and work harder to elevate the self progress. None of the favorite schools placed here. There is only one government own high school and none of private school is available. It is therefore the ones who care more about their kids are not able to get a lot better education for their kids. In fact, even if this is available, I have little optimism that there's someone keens of sending the kid to private school.

Another thing to be proud of is that, the nice and quite well preserved nature. Although there's some forest were destructed, the nature can be called quite balanced.

The road I passed by from Pangalengan are not really good. There’s only about 20 km of the road which I felt nice to cross on. The rest, 30 km long are requited to be totally repaired. The landslide befriends with us since it pretty much comes every rainy season. The thing we most concerned about is that, it has been repaired seriously since long time ago. There were some efforts to asphalt the road, but the result was not satisfying as the road didn’t last long. Moreover it crossed by trucks and other heavy vehicles. It’s really troublesome to cross rocky, slippery, and non flat road. Here are some shots:

03062011(001) 15012011(005)

Rocky road                                                                          Cliff

 05062011(001) 05062011(003)

     Another rocky and slippery zone                                              Tea factory


The govt has been working hard to make some betterment of the road. But they never succeed because the money spent was little. It needs lots of cash to make nice road to Cisewu.

A thing that has not been known by public about Cisewu and its vicinities is that, it has very good potential of tourism. Rancabuaya beach is one of examples.

Drivers of bike and car really need to be careful when driving to my city. But, it’s all paid by the mesmerizing panorama along the road.

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