Sunday, September 5, 2010

23rd day of Ramadan

Ustadz Mukhtar Khalid gave us a quite “astonishing” speech that evening – so fabulously good. I mean I got much fresh and new knowledge that I had never heard or studied before. The points are intense, finely served. Here are they:
He told us that doing shalat subuh in jamaah is better than doing tahajud alone. Subuh prayer which is one of the 5 obliged shalat is indeed hard to conduct except for those who have strong faith. Thus Allah gives much rewards to those who do that in Jamaah in mosque. He also added that those who make 2 rakaat before this prayer even get insurance from Allah. The best subuh prayer is of course in this last 10 days of Ramadan.

It is good to have favorite verse (ayat) in the Quran. Abu Hurairoh did have a favorite surah which is Ayat Kursi. He pretty much repeated saying this when he got time and chance in his daily activities.
Ramadan can be called as the month of Quran we need to maintain our memory in reciting Quran. One of the big sins is that when we forget the verses that we have memorized. Hm...hope we'll be able to keep our memorizing of the holy Quran.
In Ramadan we are not supposed to just read or memorize the Quran. But we can also read and grasp the fadilah of surah or verse (or in English can be called as “excellence”). The saying of Basmallah for example has been used to ease us in getting couple. Ustadz Muhkat told a story of a man reciting and reading this verse on the wall of his house as he wants to marry the girl he dreams about. Finally, helped by Allah, he gets her. Another verse, the last 2 verses of Attaubah is used as Ruqiyah (medication from spirit). The Ayat Dzuha is recited to get fadilah of recovery from sickness. Allah says to whose who recite Al-fatihah and Al Ikhlas will be protected from anything except death. We can apply it in ourlive for example when parking the car or motorbike we are supposed to recite these two verses in order that Allah will protect our property. Of course we first have got to make effort by properly locking the car or motorbike of ours.

In Ramadan we have a chance to get lailatul Qodar. To get it we must do both mahdoh and ghoir mahdoh. Mahdoh is worship done directly to Allah such as shalat, reading Quran, shaum, Hajj. Whil ghoir mahdoh is conducted through a thing such as human. I mean we do ghoir mahdoh usually by socializing with other people. Making a much intensive charity to the right ones is good to do. Hope by doing this we'll attain the lailatul qodar. In short, be more generous!!!

The criteria of those shaleh (pious person) in a way of social is: first he never hurts other people's feeling. Muslim who hurts other Muslims won't smell the heaven. The second is he gives many benefits to society. The ultimate one is that, he becomes the way or intermediary for other people to make goodness. In short, he always be a bless for others. Those who think goodness for other people will get into the paradise earlier than other. Want it? Let's do harder.

That is all the points I could sum up. Hope we'll be able to take lesson and apply them in our lives.

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