Tuesday, September 14, 2010

26th day of Ramadan

The speediest ever!
Yeah this is what I've got in mind about Ramadan this year, of course not merely this though. I do not know why but I feel so, really so. It is indeed the first Ramadan in which some changes within me, prevail. Every year has change though, but this year is maybe sort of more substantial than the ones in the past. Well, here's the thing I'd like to share anyway.

Ustadz who delivered the speech that evening was someone that is not familiar to me. His appearance then was the first (for me). I forgot the name of his, as always. He told us that in surah Al-Fatir 32 Allah says there are 3 groups of humans on the day of judgment. The first is those who will not be judged (applied hisab). They will enter paradise right away. Who are them? They are those whose good deeds is heavier than the sins. In other words, the balance tends to the right one. In heaven they will be served by fairies, subhanallah. They will first be cordially welcomed by the angel of Ridwan. Those whose name is MUHAMAD will also get this kind of privilege. How come? The ustadz didn't gave me further explanation.

The second group are those whose goodness and sins are exactly balanced. It means they have the same kindness and wrong doings. Where do you think they will go? Subhanallah, Allah is too kind. These kind of people will also enter paradise as Allah is the merciful, the most beneficent. It's all because Allah's bless and mercy we can be saved from the blazing fire. And how those people whose balance is slightly heavier to the left (sin)? Indeed, Allah is again too kind. Those people will be saved by the syafaat (help) of our Prophet – Muhammad. Our prophet prays to Allah to save those people so that they will enter paradise.

The third cluster is those whose balance is heavier to the left, they are called dzolimun. These ones will be washed, ironed and cleaned in the hell. They will be placed there for a particular period of time depending on the sins they made in the world. The time of this cleansing process can be a year, a month, a week, a day an hour, a minute or even a second. But a day in hereafter is similar to millions of years in this world. So, a second there can be so long. Want to go there? I hope no.

In order that we won't be categorized to the third group of people, we need to be really serious in making repent to Allah. The biggest sin that won't be forgiven is syrik or worshiping others beside Allah. As an example is ziarah or visiting tomb. It is not a sin so long the intention is pure not for asking for something. There are many people coming to the tombs for asking, not for giving pray to those people who have passed away. This happens not just in this country but also in the country such as Egypt. Vising a tomb is a good thing if we want to give pray to them, clean the areas and take lesson that will be like them sometime. Tomb reminds us that we will also die. But when the intention is for asking bless, wealth or any thing, it is counted as syrik action and Allah won't love it.

That is all I could share, many thanks.

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