Tuesday, September 14, 2010

28th day of Ramadan

Eid basically means go back or repeat. Fitr means holy or clean. Therefore Eid al Fitry means go back to the pure clean and holy situation as we have undergone the drilling process to erode our sins during Ramadan. On Eid day we are recommended to perform Eid prayer in the morning. This prayer or shalat is sunnah (additional) so it is not the same as the compulsory ones performed 5 times a day. Even so however this one is good to do since it only happens yearly – one time in a year. There are some sort of things we need to notice on Eid day.

The first is that, wear a nice outfit and have meal before performing the prayer. Eid prayer itself is better to be conducted at the place accommodating more people, it can be mosque or field. It is also highly suggested to walk instead of to use vehicle when heading up the place. In addition, our path of going and heading home should be different since by doing this there is possibility to meet and greet more people. This is what our prophet did. Another thing worth paying attention is wearing a good cloth, not a new one. On Eid day, our prophet wore red robe he pretty much wore on Friday sermons. So, it is not a must to buy a new cloth, shoes or any other outfits, right? And yet, it seems hard to not to do this thing as it's been the heritable culture done years here in the country. I myself didn't bought anything but my mom did that. She bought me one, thanks though.

Other things we must not forget on Eid day are : paying zakat fitrah, do as much as silaturahim and enchant takbir (Allah is great). These three things are the more important ones than the prior I underlined in last paragraph. Zakat Fitrah is an obligation for all Muslims. We each pay around IDR 15.000 this year. For Silaturahim usually visit relatives, friends and neighbors around. Takbir saying is resounded at the end of Ramadan (dusk) until the time of Eid prayer (a day after).

According to the government announcement, Eid prayer this year is scheduled on September 10, 2010. There were some sects or people did it one or two days before though. I've got no comment about them due to the inadequacy of knowledge of mine. One thing for sure, we need to respect to each other and find best solution. I think our government is working on this now.

Well, hope the Ramadan bring us bless and upturn so we'll be more taqwa person. Amiin..

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