Sunday, September 5, 2010

24th day of Ramadan

Ustadz Budi Hataat was the speech person last night. The impression I have got about him is, he's quite serious but the content of speech he brought is pretty much great. He got an Lc. degree from overseas and it is so redoubtable. It is undoubted that he has much knowledge about Islam. In his speech last night he spoke about the thing called tawakal. In English it probable means “reliance on something”.

He told us that Tawakal divides into two – tawakal to beings and tawakal to Allah. The latter of course the right one. The prior has two aspects in which the living and non-living one. The living one such as humans, animals, our boss, our job or anything. It is indeed a wrong action as those how have tawakal on them counted as musryik and they do small syirik. While make tawakal on the dead thing such as mascot, amulet, tomb, dagger, sword or anything categorized as big syirik. Syrik however can never be true to be done as it is the hugest sin in which Allah hates so much. It is an unforgiven sin that must be eluded.

The ways can be undergone to make the veracious tawakal are, first ask for anything to Allah, not to any of Him. It is just Allah the one whom we asked for help, wealth, prosperity, victory and every single thing. The second we must make effort to attain them. We cannot just stay at home awaiting for gold or money falling down from the sky. The third is we must accept all thing final decision given by Allah. When everything has been done according to the procedure (we make effort), and we have also asked for Allah's help while doing that, indeed the result is the best, whatever it is. We just need to fully accept it sincerely. Allah knows better than we do for everything in this life, just be khusnudzon to Allah.
That is all. Thank you...

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