Sunday, September 5, 2010

25th day of Ramadan

Daarut Tauhiid (DT) mosque pretty much serves its mosque-visitors well in Ramadan. As an example it employs the knowledgeable speech persons for delivering kultum before tarweeh prayer. Last night, the management of DT mosque pleased us by letting us hear the speech from an ustadz whose specialization in Islamic medical treatment. We call him ustadz Badri BRC. He talked about tauhiid (oneness of God) but still connected it to the medical world. The tauhiid he mentioned was specified to the signs of tauhiid exist among us - the odd ones.

He told us that Allah loves the odd either number of anything. He remarked that on our hands there is a sign of tauhiid. On our palm of left hand there is number 81 in Arabic while on our right one there is number 18. If these two numbers are summed, the result is 99. Besides, the five-finger we have both the left and right have a similar look to the writing of ALLAH in Arabic. Please try seeing your hands. We do obligatory prayer 17 rakaat a day, taraweeh 11 rakaat a day, tawaf and sai 7 times. There are many examples of the odd number.

Thus, in our daily life we'd better start thinking and counting everything based on this odd consideration. For example, if we have 4 pairs of shoes, it is better then to give one so that they become odd. We can almost apply this concept to anything. Well, it might look ridiculously senseless or something, but the essence is by doing this, we always remember Allah with His odd liking. Ya the point is we keep our heart and mind incline to Him – Allah the almighty.
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