Sunday, September 5, 2010

20th day of Ramadan

Masrukul Amri – the power of problem.
No one wants it but everyone must have at least one life – problem. According to the speech delivered by Ustadz Amri there are many things we can do to deal with problem. Here they are:

1.If we are really able to fix our problem, don't procrastinate. Solve it now deliberately.
2.Or if we are not able to fix it right away, we may wait the right time and situation so that we might be able to find the right solution. The gradually-done-action to solve our problem can be better for some persons.
3.Problem can train us to be better people. When we have solved the problem, we then get the portrayal in a way of solving the similar problem which might occur sometime in the future.
4.A problem is motivation for us to make things a lot better.
5.Problem will end sometime in the future, even if we don't try to make any solution. But it is not recommended for us to take as it more or less shows us as irresponsible ones.
Nothing's dangerous with problem, it is just the way from Allah that is supposed to make us closer to Him. Any problem comes from Him and only to Him we ask for help to solve ever problem we have.

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