Tuesday, September 14, 2010

29th day of Ramadan

Firecracker and firework are things that really common at the very edge of Ramadan. Many people play around with these kind of things to make the Eid day somehow become merrier. This habit might be good but can also be a bit disturbance for others. Two days before the Eid was the most earsplitting day ever in Cisewu since many people kindled many traditional firecrackers. The firecracker is made from raw yet strong bamboo pipe with the carbide as its ammunition. Being ignited, the sound can be so piercing, depending on the length of the bamboo as well as the ammo put inside. “:This best commemorates the Eid”, the doers said.

To me, firework seems just fine but the bamboo firecracker is hard to deal with. I mean the sound is so loudly that some us might feel disturbed, it barely can be accepted. It is true that the Eid might become more joyously but we need also to respect those who have inconvenience with the very loud sound. Happened to one of my neighbors to lose her consciousness caused by the very loud sound. She apparently has medical problem – heart attack or something.

Well, this similar-to-cannon-thing is a legacy from the past and has become a part of our culture. It is not just for Sundanese but also for many tribesmen in this country. Even, the Indo-Chinese usually have much more merrier firework and louder cannon rang-out on their sacred days.

Lastly I would say, it's hard to get rid of firecracker and firework in Ramadan as they have been the legacy of ours, not all Muslims though. But I think the government needs to limit the use, the firework is okay but the bamboo firecracker should be somehow limited of its use. The police in my hometown didn't do much of banning those who ignited the firecracker. Whereas the use of this is prohibited, I heard this announcement at the first day of Ramadan. But the fact, the prohibition didn't prevail. I don't know anyway.

Hope my society will be able to take lesson in the forthcoming Ramadan by being wiser in dealing with firecrackers.

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