Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"A" Mountain - Arizona

Hello there,
The picture of mountain above is called “A mountain” situated in the city of Tucson – Arizona. This large letter “A” is located at Sentinel park and from there we can see the whole downtown of Tucson. This is a quite popular site for visitors and I got information somewhere from net that every 4th of July there's firework show there, that's bona, isn't that? I downloaded these pictures from google and for some reasons, I was motivated to put it my blog, why? Because I loved seeing this haha....

Well, indeed I pretty much saw this mountain (and the letter A of course) from apartment of mine when I was there. Right before the door of Sahara apartment (I forgot the apt number) I could see this quite clearly. I usually stared at it in the morning after I did subuh prayer, what a wonderful scenery! But unfortunately I didn't myself take any photos or videos then.

I was somewhat surprised when I saw this for the first time. How could the people of Tucson make that kind of thing at the top of mountain? Where did they get the inspiration? Yeah, the letter A symbolizes Arizona – the state where Tucson city located. The people of Tucson love Arizona so much that is why they made that big A. The capital city of Arizona is actually Phoenix but I guess Tucsonians love Arizona much more than those people in Phoenix. As a fact, the first Arizona university is located in Tucson, not in Phoenix, I don't know for sure though.

I and some of friends of mine once intended to got there. We got an American to go with us, his name is Amar. We planned to get there in the weekend but I don't know why we forgot to execute that plan. It doesn't matter though. The point is, we've gotta do what we plan, and plan what we do, right?

Alhamdulillah, yeah praises to Allah as I could see this mountain. I think it's quite strange as I never found that in Indonesia. There are many mountains here in Indonesia, for example in Bandung. We've got Tangkuban Perahu mountain. But should we put large letter T or B (symbolizes Bandung) or J (symbolizes Jawa Barat). Ah...we have our very own way to love our place. But for sure, putting that large A I think is a great idea. The people of Tucson can identify themselves as Arizonians. They live in Arizona and love America.

Anyway, do we love our city? How do we express our love to our place or city? I'm thinkin' over it, too.

Many thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

good article, Egi..
Great job!!!
Miss Tucson so much..

Reni Shiren Aulia Nuryanti said...

kalo di Tucson ada saljunya Kang!! he,,he,, kayaknya Gersang banget, kalo liat di fotonya.