Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A friend's perspective on life

We met in 2008 when we joined intensive English course at the University of Arizona. We got the same scholarship so that we lived at the same apartment, studied at the same university, it's just for two months though. A month ago I texted him as it was really rare for me to greet him either by phone or anything. It was on Friday night and I was attending pengajian DT when I did text him. I asked him what he is doing and he also asked me what I am doing. Well it's a normal topic for the newly graduate like two of us. It's common also for men graduate to talk about marriage and women, we didn't touch this topic though.

Well, that friend of mine graduated from English literature at a state university in Jakarta and now working for a sharia bank in Jakarta, too. I myself answered that I work here in Bandung, manage an English Club, do my personal business, and would start teaching at primary school in the following months, insya Allah. We are in the contrary way in terms of the department at college and the field we are taking now. English graduate being a sharia banker while a management student and sharia economics activist being an English teacher? Ah...Allah has always huge and mysterious plan for us, keep thanking Him anyways though.

A saying of him that caught my attention then was that:
“Yeah, living in big city such as Jakarta is pretty much stressful and frustrating. I actually want to live in a village, stay in simple house. In the morning I go to school to teach, in the afternoon I go home and do farming. In the evening I teach Al Quran to my children and neighbors', in the night sleep well, with my halal wife. What a simple yet wonderful life”.

Yes, he said so. Hm....It makes me think over and over again about what so called nice life – a life that I (and all of us) really want to attain. Am I having a nice life? Hopefully yes. Whatever our live is, we actually need to be grateful for what we have now as it is present from Allah. We do have different plan, different measurement and view, different goal so that we perceive differently on lives. Even so however, his SMS that day was quite inspiring for me. From day on, I just wanted to make my life better by using the most superior gauge – God's, not my lust. I respect everybody's life and view on it. But why should we live by spending time to live someone else life? Let's live our lives by following believed guide sent to us. Again, it's guide from God, right? Thanks to Hilman for sending me text above. Simplicity and mighty are close to each other!

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i k a h said...

Thank you for sharing this.
Over n over again, I'm too worried of one principle thing in my life as a woman. I sometime feel too weak n not ready with Allah's gauge...i ask for His forgiveness T_T.