Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back to the Past

Now I am using the old computer of mine at my house in Cisewu. It's been quite sometime not to write any writing using this PC. I bought this PC for about IDR 2 millions. My younger sister is actually the owner of this PC now, she is rare to use it though as she never has task or something from primary school to type to. Hm...it seems the local government of Indonesia has to provide computer lesson to elementary school students so that they will be computer literate. Well, here's the specs of this low end PC:

Mother board: ENPC E47
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.06GHz
Memory: 512MB DDR 2
HDD: Seagate 80 GB
Monito r: Samsung 15” CRT

You know the computer with above specification cannot be used for upper level game, right? That is why I never used it for gaming. I completely started not using it since I leaved for USA in August 2008. I used to place this computer in my dorm in the city of Bandung and I used it quite often. My dad packed PC and keyboard piano of mine as I would leave my dorm for about two months. For my computing works, I have been using Acer notebook I bought from the USA since then.
The impression I have on my mind about this PC now is that, I am not really used to it. The keyboard is not really comfortable to type on. I need more power of my muscle to type particular letter. Shift button is so tough to press. Besides, the monitor screen is not as sleek as it was. I tried several times installed OS on this PC as it somehow had got some issues. Since the OS of M*******t is so glitcher, I myself tried once the Ubuntu 9.04 operating system. What an unfortunate that I didn't have repository so that I decided to use the door's friend OS. Recently I bought the newest version of Ubuntu and intended to install it on this PC. Oh God, the power supply was not perfectly working anymore so that I deleted the OS and re-installed the Mr. Gates' OS.
The problems I have now with this PC are:
1.hard and tough keyboard, I've gotta replace with the new one
2.leakage power supply, at least I'm considering to buy the pure one, 450 watt
3.unclear screen, it's hard to fix. Buy the new one again? The flat LCD is probably in the option.

I know that the PC of mine here is not really nice anymore, either the look or its performance. Yet, I and my sister still can use for any simple computing works such as typing documents, listening to some musics, watching movie. I thank Allah so much as He had given me this “パソコン”. I know I have to take care of it and use it for beneficial things. Insya Allah this PC of mine will bring my sister into the easiness and effectiveness for her study in the days to come. It's my time to teach her about this miraculous stuff then.
See you and many thanks for getting on this site.

June 10, 2010
4.46 pm

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